And the sex of my baby is....


I cant believe i was right all along!

Soo chuffed, tell you all about it in morning, im soo tired, all that excitement has taken its toll on me lol
Night xx
Sharon x



  • congratulations

    ur maternal instinct was obviously very tuned in

  • Brilliant- congratulations!! image xx
  • Thats great news hunni im so glad for you image

    Suzi 19+6 xx
  • Congratulations :d

    im expecting a little girl too x x
  • AWWW thanks girls!

    Im still sooo excited, been up nearly all night as you will see from other post lol, im mad!
    I cant wait to buy PINK, PINK, PINK!!! LOL
    Im a total pink person and this is the best news ever!
    Daddy is dreading it already hehe, and he's already dreading her turning a teenager.
    Well our appmnt was at 7.30pm last night at clinic, but we got there at 6.50pm as we found it easier than we thought, so we sat and got tea and coffee, cakes etc and looked at the photo album of other 3D scans, read visitor book etc and just relaxed. Babes in the Womb in Edinburgh is FANTASTIC! Id highly recommend it to every1! Sooo relaxed and friendly. We got taken a bit early and the sonographer was a lovely lady,baby was looking forward so she did all the face shots straight away before baby moved, so we got some cracking views of her face and she has my nose! and hubby says she has my pout hehe.
    Then after about 15mins she eventually looked for the sex and there they were THE 3 LINES!! never been so happy to see a vagina in my life lol lol
    Kev looked sooo shocked, he doesnt like me being right lol
    Then our wee girl got camera shy and started putting her hands infront of face and turning her head away so sonographer got me to walk about for 10-15 mins and have a biscuit and poke her about a bit to try get her to move, but when we went back in she had only moved a little, wee devil! But we had already got fab photos!
    So there you go, we are having a princess and ive never been happier. Oh and the main thing is that she is extremely healthy... spine looks gorgeous the sonographer said, brain, legs, arms etc are perfect, facial features, ears etc not disfigured, thats more important than the sex really! She's a wee star!
    We got 6 printed photos, a dvd with 3 songs of our choice, Kev chose them, (i was keeping in with him for letting me find out sex), so he chose the theme tune to Romeo and Juliet, Elton John- Can you feel the love tonight and Dj Sammy-Heaven (slow version), a CD ROM with 72 images!! and 15 printable images!! a photo frame saying 'Its a girl' and ive booked back in for 15th Dec for a reassurance scan. They have an offer just now- 50% off second scan, so we went for it, so we will see her again in 10 weeks, woohoo! I will get photos up once ive worked out how to do it lol x
    Sharon x

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  • Here is a few piccies...

    Sharon x
  • Oh wow thats brilliant, congratulations to you both...

    Love Kezzie xxxx


    Ok ok, ive maybe gone a bit mad uploading all those photos lol. Hope ive not bored you all, but isnt she just gorg???

    Sharon xxxx
  • Gatecrashing from ttc-she is gorgeous, what brilliant photos! Enjoy buying all your girlie
  • Aw she's got the cutest lil nose! Congrats on your wee girl Sharon, you're balancing out all the boys in the Jan forum now lol! xx
  • Aaaaaawwwww! Congratulations Sharon!
    She is Gorgeous!

    Naomi xxx
  • Hi Douska
    Its such a gorg place eh? we were made to feel sooo welcome! Tea, coffee, cakes etc, relaxing music and its sooo clean and fresh eh?
    We were in for 2 hours! lol, couldve stayed there all night.

    Did u get 3d there?
    Sharon x

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