has anyone taken a pregnancy test early and got results?

... hi...
im desperate to find out if im pregnant again... im so excited and its keeping hubby and I awake at night!!!!... Ive got only 7 days to wait until im supposed to be able to test but i just want to try now!...
has anyone had any luck with early tests and which ones??

i went to the doctors last time but promised myself I wanted to find out at home with hubby!!!

xxxxx CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Fingers crossed ladies!!!


  • hey hun i found out at four weeks no special early tests lol boots cheep one yey good luck xxx
  • i did a test a week b4 af due and it came up poss image i used boots home brand image good luck hun
  • I spent a fortune on home pregnancy tests this time- I just knew I was pregnant but because I was testing too early it kept comig up negative. I kept trying not to buy more but I just knew and I wanted to prove to oh who wasn't entirely convinced. Eventually I got the result I wanted!!
  • Can't answer your question but just wanted to say "hi".
    OMG, can't believe you're preg (maybe) again! As far as I can remember you were due about 6 weeks before me, I can't imagine going through it all again so soon.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a positive result for you x
  • i took a early responce test 4days before my period was due and it came up positive within a min if not sooner,
    good luck xxxx


  • thanks for all your responses ladies...
    im going to purchase the boots own test tomorrow!!
    thanks again
  • i had a positive test 10days after last period!! (18days early!!!) dont ask me how...even MW is baffled but hey!!
    good luck xx
  • blimey!!! dont think im that lucky!!
  • Clear blue is definately the best and quickest. Positive result came up within a minute days before i was due. It's about ??11 at Tesco! Hubby bought me tesco's own tests before we tried Clearblue and i got 2 negative results. They just aren't sensitive enough to pick up the pregnancy hormone.
  • hia i used that sticks, you have to pee in a pot then stick the stick in! cost ??4.00 for 4, i wans't wasting money lol - i knew i was pregnant and i did the test after being one week late! it was the heartburn lol
  • I think first response is better than clearblue tbh. I was testing 4 days early and I was looking at what test to buy (you can use them both from 4 days before af) and FR comes up positive for 69% of pregnant women when they test 4 days early whereas clearblue is only like 53%. So I did FR and it came up a rly strong positive!
    I'm now 23+1, good luck x x x
  • I was about 4 weeks when I found out as well. Also just used boots. It was the first positive I got after trying for 5 years. I was bowled over
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