Can I join the SPD crew ? x x x

I went to the MW yesterday and she informed me I had Sciatica and SPD. I've had the pains for weeks, but didn't mention it on on my last visit to her, as she had a student with her, I didn't want to go into details in front of the student.
She wanted to sign me off work, but if I go I lose my 4 weeks holiday. I have to get through 3 weeks of 6 shifts then I'm free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time I'm going for physio.
She also said try to keep my legs together as much as possible, I just laughed and said, obviously I'm no good at that, as that helped get me into this predicament lol x x
Anyway any tips would be welcome though. x

Also, this will make you laugh, had to ring my mum, and tell her how I got on. Later when I spoke to her to check on my dd she said, whats it called again, trying to find stuff on the internet, STD??? NO MUM, I don't have an STD lol Bless her, no wonder she was confused, but the search results in google x x x


  • Hi Hayls!

    Can I join to!! I was sent to physio last week for a belt etc, Im in total agony doing everything!! I'ts the most horrible uncomfortable feeling in the world!!



  • SB think I'm like you, just have to do stuff even though I know I shouldn't. I finally stopped moving the barrels at work a couple of weeks a go. Its just when something has to be done, I have to do it.
    My work is so unsupportive because I returned from mat leave 3months preg. She told me a month a go (even though I had mentioned no illness/pain) If I got signed off within that 11 week period she'd make me start my mat leave early and I'd lose all my holiday. When preg with dd, I had a month or so off sick because I had a 10cm abscess removed from my labia. (Mates at work are laughing as I'm walking funny again, last time like John Wayne - legs wide open. This time so close together) x
  • Hi Lyns

    Just seem on another post you have 25 days to go? are you ready for labour - positions etc?

    x x x
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