Scariest night of my life

Well hubby left this morning & i dropped him off at 4.30am.

nyway we went to bed at 10 nd i fell asleep on my side cuddling into hubby, i woke up at 11.30 with horrific cramps in my tummy & lower back. I rolled onto my back and it eased a little but was still there, i lay for about 10 mins and then got up &went to the loo to much relief there ws no blood. I then phoned EPU.The MW said that if there was no blood the chances are its to do with my bowel movements, even though i had been 2 times yesterday (although stools hard).
She said to use a hot water bottle & just wait to see if i bleed. As you can imagine im worried sick.

However i do think it might be to do with trapped wind as i was lying on my side and eased when i turned. It eased almost completely when i stood up & i have no bleeding. I dropped hubby off at work & both him and me are worried sick about it. Our early scan is not for 2 weeks as thats when hubby is home and i have a feeling im going to worry myself sick between then & now.

The pain is pretty much gone apart from the odd twinges but they are normal.

What do you think? Should i be worried? hs anyone had this?


  • I did have similar, Really bad cramps, no bleed. At about the same time as you. I had a scan, and everything was fine, was told by gp to take things easy and yes it probably was bowel related.

    If anything doesnt feel right go straight to a&e though, they can maybe scan you ther and put your mind at rest.

  • I got lots of cramps early on, and they could be agony ! In fact before I knew I was PG I thought my af was on its way. Plus ealy in my pg the trapped wind was probably one of the most painful things ever, but I felt so silly complaining about it. I ended up using fybrogel which helped and after a couple of days eased up the pain.
    I know its hard not to worry but my advice is dont worry until you have something to worry about otherwise you'll drive yourself mad ! Hope you feel better soon hunny !

    MrsW 38+5
  • I had period type cramps early on, all linked up with constipation/trapped wind, and particularly at night.... It's impossible to say "don't worry" but try not to!
    Ames x
    30 wks today
  • I had really bad cramps as well in my 5th and 6th week, have a look at my previous posts, they were so painful! xx
  • I have had the same pains your describing i went to the epu and everything was fine,then as the week went on pains got much worse ended up back in hosp,and the dr said its my bowel and gave me some tablets but they have made me sooo sick.Maybe bowel problems are common in early pregnancy.Dont worry if there is no blood.

    Jstar x
  • thanks girls i guess it doesnt help hubby is away for 2 weeks but i do feel a little better. I guess because the cramps eased when i moved or stood suggests its not miscarriage as that would be the same constntly.
    Im a born worrier as ive waited so long for this baby & im so scared im going to loose it.
  • I've had these type of pains right through, and it is scarey. Try not to worry hun as there is no blood and its relatively common (easier said than done though I know!)
  • Try not to worry hun I had severe cramps in early pregnancy - I still get them occasionally now. its prob either wind or just your muscles stretching to accomodate the lil bean


  • im feeling alot better knowing im not alone in this, im still worried but im sure tht to is natural at this point.

  • It really does sound like trapped wind - I have loads and have since really early on.


  • It really does sound like trapped wind - I have loads and have since really early on.


  • Hey hun, don't worry about it. It does sound bowel related, as it eased up when you moved. If it was anything serious then you wouldn't have been able to stop the pain so easilly. We get all sorts of aches and pains, and tummy stuff going on all the way through pregnancy and ususally it's nothing to worry about - but well done for checking it out with the EPU! xx
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