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Anterior placenta?

Hi ladies,

I had my 20 week scan on Tuesday and all was fine.
However I was reading through the sonographer's report at home last night, and it said I have an anterior placenta.
I googled it so I know it means that the placenta is on the front wall.
I've not felt huge amounts of movement (if anything - not really been sure) yet, which might explain things, as well as being a size 16 pre pregnancy!
But does anyone know if there is anything for me to worry about?

My midwife didn't mention it in the appointment straight after and said all was fine.
I'll ask a midwife colleague on Monday for reassurance, but in the meantime, just wondered if anyone else knew about this?

Thanks a lot


  • hi

    i had a low lying anterior placenta with ds. so i had to be re scanned at 36 weeks to check it had moved, as mine was low lying could cause problems. but as yours is just anterior and you hadnt been told its anything to worry about id not worry, that will be why you havnt felt much movement, with ds i didnt feel movment until about 24 weeks. as long as your placenta isnt blocking your baby's way out its nothing to worry about.

    ashy xx
  • It's only a problem if it's low lying and I guess as they didn't mention it then it must be high.
    I had anterior high at my 20wk scan and have had no problems. I didn't feel movement until later than I did with ds(placenta was posterior) so I wouldn't be concerned if you haven't felt too much yet- you definitely will as bubs gets bigger!!
    Nic, 39+6
  • Hi, I have an anterior placenta too. It is nothing to worry about, you will probably not notice movements and kicks until later when they are a bit stronger that's all.

    B xx
  • Hi I had an anterior placenta with my little boy. Its nothing to worry about it just means you might not feel as much movement as those with posterior placentas.
  • Hi loobylou77. At my 20 week scan they found I had a high anterior placenta. My midwife basically said that it will take a little longer to feel movements. I am 23+6 and feel huge kicks all day long now. (I was also a size 16 pre pregnancy and worried I wouldnt feel anything). It doesnt affect the baby in anyway apart from she has my extra weight and the placenta to kick through but she manages to remind me she is still there all day long so dont worry x they probably didnt mention it to you as there isnt anything to worry about x
  • Thanks ladies, we can always count on BE for reassurance! x
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