Can there be anymore????

::I now look back on my 1st 2 pregnancies with a fondness I never knew at the time because for some reason I am now having the pregnancy from hell!!!!!

So far have had, sickness, heartburn, piles, got SPD, ear infections, water infections, thrush, bad skin, etc!

I just wondered if there were any others nasty symptoms that could be in the pipeline because for some reason this son of mine really wants me to remember this pregnancy lol.

The worst I ever had before was a bit of heartburn but I know I was younger then!

Anyone else having a "what symptom have I not had" type of pregnancy!


Love Lee


  • well you know i'm in the same boat as you Lee! i also have Sciatica which is playing up a treat and VERY sensitive insides hurts every time baby kicks! mine was kicking from 3 this morn and hasn't stopped! do they never tire out?! am at work as yo probably guessed but sooooo tired.... i'm blooming in looks image had several ppl tell me so image just got the short straw on pain tolerance and SPD! arghhhhh.... Ask your physios if they do accupuncture!!! mine has been doing it for several weeks and its helping with the movement although pain still there.... at least i'm not shuffling slower than a toddler at mo image always a good thing!

    Another thing i feel is baby moving like a fish in tummy WIERDEST sensation EVER!!!!! usually when i walk it feels like they are swishing around in my tummy like someone has opened my tummy and put a fish in there lol... had every pregnancy symptom going but i'm lucky as baby seems to fend some off after having them a day or two!
    have noticed Excema is bad since being pregnant and Asthma's been playing up too image allergies have kicked in and its killing me not taking antihistimines image(
    Appetite is playing up again too.... i'm ravenous at about 10ish then hungry every 2 hours then not really hungry in evenings till i get up again :S wierd! and again gone off sweet things and loving meat but not sausages or burgers! bacon turkey ham prawns anything small and yummy hahaha
  • Ok I feel lucky now because all i've really had is back pain, heartburn & extreme tiredness!!
    Hope you are all feeling better soon, especially you Lee this LO of yours definitely wants to make sure you remember being pregnant with him!
    Lauren (34+1) xoxo

  • Hey Lee, I know just how you feel....I had a easy pregnancy with my daughter, apart from heartburn and morning sickness until 12 weeks...

    Then I had 2 m/c and feel with current peanut in follows my long list of moaning....

    At 5 weeks I went to hospital with heavy bleeding to be told my cervix was open and I was having another m/c. Iwent for a scan a week later to be told that baby was still there and there was a heartbeat, went for another scan a week later and all was well.

    At 10 weeks admitted again with heavy bleeding but again all was well....

    The most god awful morning sickness till well past 22 weeks.

    Constant diarreoha (sp) or constipation giving me piles....

    A perinium hematoma (don't ask, it is as bad as it sounds)...


    Constant coughs, colds and sore throats...

    Chronis back pain resulting in a diagnosis of osteo arthiritis in my spine and a partially pro lapsed disc which cannot be treated until after lo arrives and pain will get worse as I get bigger...lovely....

    I went into premature labour last week (at 27 weeks) and had a terrifying 24 hours...tests showed I have abnormal liver function which I had more tests for and seeing my consultant about today...

    Had protein in my urine on friday which is also being followed up today....

    Hmmmmmm, I feel better for that and lee you know well what I have threatened hubby with if he even mentions any more babies, ha ha ha!!!!!!

    right whinging over, have to go for a blood test and my anti d injection today before I see my consultant....


    (28+3 and counting)
  • Why is there no mention of any of these things in the pregnancy books lol

    My OH knows full well that I am looking into crimes of passion, and if attacking his bits with 2 bricks and nail scissors if he ever ever mentions he wants another one could ever be legal!!!! Am sure it would stand up in court in france lol!!!!!

    Good luck today purplebabes!!!!

    I think we should all make long lists of the pampering treatments and things we want after our los our born and leave them around for our OH's (with all sorts of threats attached ha ha ha)
    Love Lee
  • Here are mine - hip pain, anaemia and yes thrush...nasty...Also heartburn, but I blame that one on myself as it only happens after eating a whole takeaway pizza! It's worth it though! Only 68 days left.

    I am really hoping to escape piles!!!

    I don't think anyone can be having a worse time than poor purplebabes! xxx
  • Woo hoo.....

    Been to the consultant and my liver function has gone back to normal and there's no more blood and protein in my urine!!!!

    *does happy dance*

    Maybe it's not all so bad after all.......well......maybe...

    Lee I think your right with the pampering except I'm not gonna be subtle and leave notes, I'm gonna tell hubby thats what expect, ha ha.....

    Tigerlily I'm with ya on eating a whole takeaway pizza...sod the heartburn, gimme pizza!!!!

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