FAO Mrs Dickson

Hi there

Would really like to know where you saw that beautiful crib. The price is such a bargain.

Pim xx


  • Hiya!
    If you google search for saplings katie crib it brings up lots of options. Amazon was one of the sites for ??65.00 and with free delivery.

    I love it too and im going to order one very soon.

    Let me know how you get on.
  • I keep looking at this crib as I quite like the idea that we could take it with us to our parents/friends very easily when we go to stay but sort of had my heart set on a traditional wooden one.

    Have either of you seen it in real life? What is it like?

    Bec 28+4 x
  • hi goonie
    No, I have not actually seen it, cant find anyone who stocks it near me! Typical
    I have thought about a wooden one, but then people have said as baby gets bigger and more active, the stick thier arms through the sides and this is not a issue with the saplings katie crib.
    Plus, I liked it as it was a bit different and like you say, can easily be moved around the house and taken away on trips.

    How are you by the way?
    28 weeks - wow! I bet ou have a bump now!
    im 22+1 today and feeling huge!
    Got purple veins appearing on ankles which im not happy about, but other than that, all is well.
    Im still waiting for the first proper kicks and DH is desperate to feel. When did this happen for you?
    Sorry for the 20 q's!
  • I don't know anyone who stocks it either but would really like to see one! We need a crib for our bedroom as the cotbed is in the nursery and it would be ideal if we could easily collapse it to move it around!

    I'm good thank you, was off work all last week with awful pain in my right lower back though. The doctor wrongly diagnosed another UTI so I suffered until Wed and then went back and a different doctor said it was inflammation. The new tablets are working so I'm feeling a lot better! I just hope bump isn't being doped by them too...

    I have quite a tidy bump now (but have somehow gained 26 pounds!) and am already looking forward to meeting him. Got ALOT of thread veins all over the place too but have always been prone to them so I should have known...

    How are you getting along? Is there anything you can do to help the veins? Are they quite raised?

    Hubby felt the first movements at 20+3 but didn't feel strong kicks until about 25 weeks. Now when he puts his head on my tummy the baby kicks his face! I'm sure yours will feel it soon!

    Are you starting to buy lots more now? We are almost done and I am just trying to decide which sling I want! x

  • Ahh, thats so custe! Hubby is always attached to my bump begging baby to kick! I know it wont be long, we joke once it starts and is keeping me awake at night, I will be asking it to sleep and stay still!!!

    We have only got the pushchair sorted which we ordered this weekend. DH is in the process of being made redundant and we are trying to sell our house to downsize as he cant find another job at the moment. So untill we know where we are living, I dont want to get carried away with decorating a nursury for us to then move. Think we are just going to leave it until about 30 weeks and see where we are at.
    But i Have been looking at plenty of things! We dont know what we are having, so would only want neutral things for when we do getstuff.

    MW said to get support tights for my legs, but i havent worn tights my whole life - never got on with them so dont know how I could start now! So instead, ive tried getting up from my desk every 30 mins for a walk, been swimming 1-2 times a week, walking at weekends and putting my feet up for an hour each night! Will see how that goes and if it makes any difference.

    Im glad you have a nice bump now! Im sure all the weight you have put on is all baby!
    I havent been weighted by mw since 16 weeks so I dread to think what i weigh now! People do say my bump is big, but that i dont seem to have gained too much elswhere. My predicted baby weight is 8lb 8 so not a small bubba!

    Have you thought of any names for your boy?
  • Sorry to hear you need to downsize, awful timing too. I hope you get a buyer quickly or that hubby finds another job. So many people are being made redundant, its makes me feel guilty for taking my job security for granted.

    Do you have a 'feeling' about what sex the baby is? We do have a name more or less chosen for bump but are keeping it a secret until he's here!

    I had to wear support stockings when we flew to Mexico, they were uncomfortable to put on but I did almost forget they were there, such a relief to take them off again though! It sounds like you're doing all the right things to alleviate the pressure though...

    How do you know your predicted baby weight? I am seeing the midwife tomorrow and am dying to know if my bump is the right size for my dates! x
  • Well, if its a girl, we plan to name it after my nan who passed away shortly after me and DH met. so I think part of me thinks its a girl, but just so I can get my wish of naming baby after her. But then some days I think its definatly a boy!
    So confusing!

    I got a weight prediction thing sent through from hospital at about 14 weeks. dont know how they predict it, but i was hoping for 7lbs!!!

    Its such crap timing for hubby and I feel so helpless that I cant do more for him. I do not get any maternity pay from my emplyer, just the basics ??117 per week, so its such pressure on him.
    fingers crossed some good luck is on its way.
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