third baby blues

hi im having my third baby in june, im huge and exhauseted and i must admit i feel a bit blue. i cant seem to manage any fun activities with my other two children ds nearly 4 and dd nearly two. they just wanna climb over me and i really hurt as i have spd!!! any thoughts on what i can do to have some fun with the little uns that wont leave me in tears xxx:\(:\(


  • Hi lolly I have no ideas but just wanted to say I am feeling exactly like you. This is my third I got 2 girls who are 3 yr and 18 months. This one is a little boy so at first was extremely excited about everything. Now I am 27 weeks, I also have spd, had a few scares already, have been diagnosed with carrying way too much water so feeling extremely heavy and have already put on 2 and a half stone.

    My girls climb all over me and to be honest this past month they have either been ill or just generally being really naughty, night and day so not getting much sleep.

    Sorry I have rambled now I just wanted to say that I share your thoughts and not alone.


  • hi girls i have spd although its mild at the mo and dosnt seem to be getting worse too quickly. my 3rd is also due in june anothr lil man and i have 2 other boys - 2 1/2 and 1yr 3months.

    the other day i stuck loads of pieces of paper together and gave them 2 crayons each and they were drawing for ages.
    as ur eldest is a bit older maybe u could give him a stick of glue and sum scraps of material to make a huge collage and ur youngest some crayons.

    im going to ask to be induced a bit early as im sooo uncomfortable. remember ur not gonna be pregnant for much longer and spd usually dissappers as soon as u have baby so its not far off now!

    hope u dont feel blue 4 much longer!!

    elaine xx
  • I just had my 5th. I have two teenagers and a boy Joseph who is 4 in a few days and Charlie who is 2 and a half. I bought some cheap paper plates and we drew faces for ages...kept them well happy. Also, play doh keeps them amused. i avoid paints etc as they are so messy!!!!! Are there are safe indoor play areas you can go to where you can put feet up and have a cuppa while they run off and play in soft safe enviroment???? Swimming is another good one as you feel light and can move easier than out of water. Would have to take someone to help though!
    d x
  • thanks for the ideas, ive set up a craft box so they can have fun while i breastfeed (hopefully) so i may crack it open early!!! my lil boy is being so naughty n i took it really personally the other day as he broke a picture of my brother (he passed away at 4months and i only have two pictures) so i cried n totally over reacted bless he wasnt to know im still trying to make it up to him. im so huge n scarred of having another big baby because of the spd!!!
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