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Hey Lynsey

How r u? Just to say we did find out sex, as youve prob seen in other post lol but were going to try keep it a secret (TRY!! But u know what our family is like lol). Just incase you see Sandra. Ive warned my mum and she said she wont tell any1, so the only ppl that know is our parents, my sisters, kevs brother, our gran's and my best friend and obv you as you are on here lol. So it can be our little secret lol

I still think your's is a boy! More sure of it now as i was right about my own
Sharon x


  • Hey Sharon,

    Replied to your other post - HUGE congrats image

    Don't worry, I won't say a word to anybody (never see any of the family anyway).

    Yeah I still think we're having a boy too, only a boy could cause me this much grief and kick as hard/frequently as this image Have to admit I'm a little jealous now that you know what you guys are having, wish it was me but Neal isn't budging so will just have to wait until the big day to find out :\)


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