Hi ladies,

Just a quick question. Has anyone else been having a sort of burning sensation in their bumps. I am 20 wks and now and again I feel this burning. I'm worried. Also I have my scan next week - do I need to take a urine sample?



  • Iv not had a burning feeling in my bump but take a urine sample to every antenatal appointment. They check your urine for signs of infection, glucose and can also indicate pre-eclamsia.

    Ask your MW about the feeling you get, maybe its Braxton Hicks???
  • Hi jd11a - I had that too (last week - when I was 19 weeks) only twice or three times tho - felt like someone had touched me with hair straightners but it didn't last long. I've had my scan though and everything's fine so prob nothing to worry about, xxx
  • hi yes its normal ive had it nothing to worry about x x x
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