Hi everyone, you may have read my earlier post about the cramps that I've been having today (I'm about 5 weeks, only got my BFP last night) but I forgot to add that all my CM has dried up, there's hardly anything. I've seen so many posts about ladies having a big increase in cm in early pregnancy. Is it anything to worry about that I've completeley dried up? I've only known about this pregnancy a day and I'm totally petrified already!

Thanks girls xxx


  • i didnt notice the CM till much later on in pregnancy, some dont get it as early as others so i wouldnt take that as a sign, and the cramps were prob ur bean implanting! image Good luck XXXXX
  • Thank you so much, that's really reassured me. I dunno what I would do without this site, I think I'd go insane! xxx
  • dont worry hun i got all the cramps and they r scarey so u arnt daft or over worrying and i didnt get and cm till i was 16 weeks xxx
  • yeh now worries and same here no cm till 16 weeks or maybe more! and i ask random Qs all time on here too it defo helps, theres always sum1 with an answer to ur Q XXXX
  • Thank you tinkerbell83 I've been trying so hard not to freak out today but these cramps are pretty constant and I can definitely feel them! Makes such a difference to have people to talk to on here who have been through it xxxx
  • awww hun i think being eary is the worst i was terrible as i had 3 m/c last year so every pain i was terrified and wen i went to the toilet id be checking untill 1 day at 7 and 12 weeks i started bleeding and i was terrified that i was looseing my lil girl cos of wat happend b4 but i came on here and every1 helped me through it every1 was so nice to me i was in total bits but im 22 weeks and shes fine but i had all those cramps a hot water bottle was my best friend lol xx t/c hun xx
  • You've made me feel so much better tinkerbell! xxxx
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