Yukky Morning Sickness


For the last few weeks i have felt a bit off it, sicky and tired but since Monday i have fely REALLY tired, dont fancy anything to eat at all and today i had my head down the loo but nothing to come out.

Is this the start of things to come and can you reccomend anthing to snack on? i am fancying meat like sausages if anything at all....very weird xx



  • im the same hun, spending ages kneeling on the bathroom floor waiting to puke but nothing!! I really fancied burgers last week, but this week its cheese on toast!!! I just hope i have an appetite for my christmas dinner tomorrow!!!
    I have to say when I feel really bad dry toast seems to help, even if I really dont feel like I can eat it always makes me feel better.
  • its really horrible im sta here now and hubby has gone to pub for a few drinks, i feel hungry but sick and dont knwo what to eat. really hope i can eat my dinner tomorrow as well!!!

    We are telling the family tomorrow so at least i wont have to make any excuses if i cant eat it or feel sick.

    i fancy a mcdonalds lol but there isnt any near by x
  • I'm having quite strong nausea on and off throughout the day. I am trying to eat little and often. But really have to force myself to take that first bite!

    Mints aren#t working for me, but something bread based does. Also my main meal in the evening. Maybe when I'm digesting a meal my body settles.

    Hope you find something that help, it's not nice! xx
  • im having a terrible nausea, on and off. I eat very little, today was a bit better cos i kept taking in fluids. But im very concerned cause i have feverish feelings alongside the nausea, do i have cause to be worried?
  • Im having the same problem but i find that rich tea biscuits work quite well. Also does anyone have a way to get round light-headedness i keep feeling like im going to pass out?
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