Please help...............I have bad morning sickeness......

The things i had to help first thing in the mornings with my last two pregnancies are not working this time round. Mornings are a night mare for me at moment having to get my two girls to school and nursery and sticking my head down the toilet for most of it? What is everyone finding that helps them?


  • I found drinking a glass of freezing cold milk and eating a small piece of dry toast really helped. Also If you go to a health food shop and get some ginger snacks they also ease your tummy, but don't drink things like ginger ale as it actually had no ginger in it at all. Don't eat fruit first thing in the morning either as it contains alot of acid.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful hun

  • Don't know what your normal remedies are but I found keeping dry oatcakes beside the bed and having a couple before I gotup helped. And I couldn't take any liquid in the morning at all, just dry stuff so maybe try not drinking anythin for the first while. xx
  • I had bad sickness morning noon and night and the one thing i did say was i dont know how id manage if i got pregnant again and to look after another child . Nothing really stopped my sickness but i could control it a bit or put it off till later if youl likewas too drink ice cold drinks lucozade has allways been good for me cus its what my mumused to give me when i was sick as a child so i think its physcological! Or really hot drinks and hot cup of soups. I must of eaten about 6 -8 packets of crisps a day during this period too. As any sign of thirst or hunger would set me off. I tried all the advice books and friends give you and nothing worked i think you have to find whats best for you or ride it through. My oh brought me up a cup of tea and some ginger buscuits one morning as i read if you have that before you get out of bed itworks. So i ate buscuits drank tea got out of bed and threw up every where which was really bad cus it tasted of ginger and now i cant eat them any more which is a shame cus i used to like them!!!! I still cant go in car without carrier bag roll of toilet roll lucozade and a carrier bag cus its left me with travel sickness and im 37 weeks now good luck getting through it you will laugh about it in a few weeks x
  • I had it as well & it was in the mornings and horrible. Luckily it eased off at about 10 weeks but it was still vile while it lasted!

    I found drinking before I ate made me throw up the drink, even if it was water. So try and eat before you drink anything.

    TOAST really helped me, either plain or with a tiny bit of butter, first thing in the morning. Mints are quite good too. Hope u feel better soon xxx
  • Thank you.

    My husband brought me some crisps home after i posted on here. They really helped and then i found i could eat again. Still don't feel 100% but at least i'm manging to eat and don't feel like i need to bury myself in a hole!!!

    Anyway thanks for all your advice.
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