Anyone have GBS?

I was told by my MW that I have group B strep. And that I need to be in very early as I need to shots of penicillan before birth or just after my water is broken. So I need to be in hospital as soon as I go into labour.

I'm so scared.

Anybody else in my situation??


  • I had this. My baby is now 4 months old. It sound scary at first but it really isnt! In fact youre actually lucky that like me you know you have it before giving birth! Group B strep isnt routinely tested so many woman have it and dont even know till after their baby is born (and go on to have healthy babies anyway most of the time!) Because you know you have it youre better off because they can prevent your baby getting it during the birth. They started off by telling me to come in straight away then kept becoming more laid back about it untill when I phoned the day I was in labour they said it doesnt actually matter as long as you start on the drip at least four hours before you deliver your baby. Considering I was in labour for 18 hours after arriving at the hospital this wasnt a problem! lol! You keep the drip in right though labour and they give you antibiotics through it every 4 hours. I personally didnt like having the drip in but its not the end of the world! Let me know if you've any other questions about it and I can share my experiences with you. Hope this helps,

    Amy image
  • Yeah I was told I'd have to stay in for 24hours after - its so they can check baby doesnt show any symptoms of having got the step b. I ended up having an unplanned section anyway so I had to stay in regardless. The woman in the bed next to be was told after the birth of her baby that during labour (she had a section) they had found out she had group b strep and they would have to test her baby as obviously she hadnt had the antibiotics coz they didnt know about it. Her baby was fine! And she didnt go through months of worrying about it like I did!
  • Thank you ladies. that means alot.

    I think my MW said i will be in for at least 24 hours. God that drip. They put it in my arm last time and my arm becomes absolutely useless cause it goes all number and blue. How will I hold my baby? Hopefully they can put it in my hand instead. Think I will cope with it better there. She says knowing they can never find my veins. And it's never just a straight forward procedure.
  • Hiya!

    I too have been diagnosed with GBS, when I first found out I completely stressed out, but after finding out more info on it and talking with my doctor and midwife, like everyone else has said, its much better that we know. I was quite surprised at how relaxed my midwife was about it, she was really calm and said there was nothing to worry about, as long as I come into hospital when I'm in established labour ( I was ready to camp out around my due date and insist they give me the antibiotics straight away!!!:lolimage and I get at least one dose of antibiotics through my system before I give birth it'll be fine. She also said that even if worse case scenario my labour is really quick and I didn't get the antibiotics, they would give the baby antibiotics and monitor bubs for at least 24 hours.
    I can't believe the NHS don't test for this as part of antenatel care, I hadn't heard anything about it until my test results came back, and I just count myself lucky I do know!

    Jen x x
  • i know. i only had some tests done before and its just something they picked up on. not a routine check.....i'm worried i will get to hospital and tell me i'm too early...eekkk!!!!
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