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Had to visit hospital today

Baby has been a little tinker today so we had to go in to get monitored. His/her movements are usually VERY frequent and "normal" but this morning I had some that hadn't felt before. It was like a continuous throb/pulse (like heartbeat) for at least 45mins, listened to heartbeat on doppler and all was ok. When I got up baby was moving a little but hadn't felt any kicks yet (very unusual) so listened to heart again and it was really weak. Phoned hospital and they wanted me to go in for observation. Surprise surprise as soon as I was strapped to the machine baby started doing somersaults and god knows what else. Nurse said heartrate is perfect but wrote in our notes that we have a "very active baby" and said we're probs going to have eyes in the back of our head with this lo :lol: Felt a bit silly for freaking out but soooo glad we got it checked out - little tinker is testing us already image


  • Awww.
    im so happy that everything is okay with baby.
    Obv keeping you on your toes ay
  • Lol thats always the way! mine does thats it doesnt move for ages or very little and as soon as i tell my midwife or someone and they have a feel he doesnt stop grrr lol..

    dont feel silly they get it all the time lol better to be safe.
    xxx 36 weeks today
  • Aww, what a little monkey!! Do you think the baby could have had hiccups? my two used to get them all the time, and it felt exactly how you described it! Glad everythings all fine x
  • Ooh yes, perhaps it was hiccups? - sounds exactly like what I get - very weird if you're not used to it!

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