Bought an item - sort of!

Bit woried now...just been to Boots and bought newborn nappies to get my free change bag (if u sign up to the parenting club you get loads of vouchers) I know it has saved me ??30 (the bags value) and the nappies were under ??3.50 but feel a bit funny as its still early?
they also have loads of baby clothes for half price lables such as Mini Mode but I resisted that temptation!!;)


  • Awww-dont feel bad hun, 14 weeks def isnt too early, I think id bought the pushchair by your stage (which yes I know was too early really-but oh's Dad gave us the money and this one had eeyore on it)
    The bags great though isnt it, I picked mine up the other day as well xxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • it doesnt matter, i went crazy after 12 weeks, in fact i was 12 weeks on xmas day and on boxin day used money my gran had given me to buy a pram on special offer!! our baby has more clothes in the wardrobe than my iv been banned from buyin xxx
  • Thanks ladies, that has made me feel better! the bag is great - mine also had a small bottle of baby wash in the box?

  • I've bought some things like the pram, sterilser, bottles, bath support and an electric swingy rocker thing but thats it so far and I'm itching to buy more!
  • I have got my sister, best friend and my manager that have or are expecting too so know that I'm not really jinxing anything as I am thinking that if I buy stuff it can be for them...want to buy more now though!!

  • All iv'e bought so far is a really cute pair of booties, can't wait till next week after Iv'e had my 12wk scan, it will all seem so much more real then!!
  • i bought some baby wipes on offer at boots!! couldn't resist the bargain....they are now hidden on top of the wardrobe!!

    i'm going to join the boots parenting club, sounds worth it just for the vouchers!

    Me and oh are putting a bit of money away each month so we can have a splurge in a couple of months time!
  • I have joined the Boots Parenting club - you can do it on-line you get loads of vouchers and stuff also they give you a coupon so that when you buy anything pregnancy related you get more points!
    Also I have joined Babies 'r' us, Pampers and Tesco's as you get vouchers and things from them also..I am a discount/voucher Queen as you can tell! I love anything for a bargin!! hee hee!

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