28wk scan...

got my 28wk scan monday well ill be 27+4 its a growth scan cos i got told at my last scan im havin a big baby if hes still big do u think theyll hav ne ideas on how big hell b wen hes born.i dnt want nething over 9lb my 1st baby was 8lb.im also measuring 2weeks bigger for dates.
abbie+hope and bluebump 27wk+1


  • Hi abbie
    Just wanted to wish you good luck for your scan on Monday. I don't think they always get the size of the baby right, but i may be wrong. When i was expecting my youngest son, I had a few scans and he was always the right size for dates. My waters went at 30 weeks and I was sent for a scan, but the sonographer kept saying he was small. He was born at 32 weeks weighing 4lb 30z. Personally i think that's not a bad weight for the gestation.
    I expect that hasn't helped you at all lol
    Maria x
  • Sorry also meant to say that Nicospoon on March mums is very nice to talk to and can sympathise.
    Maria x
  • ok thankyou for your reply im not exactly huge and my bump is alot smaller this time round but been told im havin a big baby image they might of just got my dates wrong maybe
  • my friend had massive bump and doc said she was having very big baby but when her lil girl was born most of it was water her baby was 7 pound 4
  • Thanks Maria!

    I can sympathise with you, at 22 weeks my baby was measuring 26 weeks! At 25 weeks it was 28 and by 28 it was 29. I just went yesterday and they now say I'm measring 32 (which I am). Basically, babies sometimes take growth spurts and maybe yours is just growing fast just now and will slow down later? I know I was panicing earlier especially when I was 22 weeks!!! Have you to go back again to see if the growth rate has slowed any?
  • oh ryt hopefully wen i go monday he would of slowed down abit fingers crossed i wnt have togo back again for another scan wen im in my 30wks i rly dnt wan huge baby im dreadin it
  • Might take a few weeks before you see any difference! my baby took 10 weeks to even out!!! Good luck!
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