Anyone else with a big bump - ie.not "average for dates"?

I have posted before about other people having comments about the size of your bump, I am sick of other people's comments, but getting worse now!

I was at mw on Tue for 28 wk check and am measuring 30cms. Last time I was 25 cms at 24 wks and mw said this was fine as they allowed 2 cms either way. She wants me back in 2 weks instead of 4 to have another measure and see how bump is getting on. With my other 2 babies I must have measured average as there was never any mention of this. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this and what/if anything happened? I have not gained weight anywhere else and just look like I have stuck a football up my t-shirt! To make matters worse I saw a girl on the street the other day who is due the day after me and she only has a sort of swelling all round the middle - ie. no huge bump! I felt like crying. I look like I am months in front and this is her 4th!

Please help before I punch someone!?!:?


  • hiya, ive always measured a lil more, at 32 was 33, at 35 was 37 and at 37 im 39, they dnt seem too bothered, try not too worry, everyones different, hope that helps hun xxxx
  • I am always spot on for my fundal height but it doesnt stop people commenting rudely about size of bump, must be two or you look about ready to drop etc, I promise I will never comment on a pregnant womans bump ever again!
  • Im big for my dates too, they dont seem to bothered-have just said as long as he carries on growing along the line then they wont worry-apparently some babies do tend to have a bit of a growth spurt quite early on and then even off.
    But I know what you mean, I was talking to a girl I used to know the other day and when she asked when I was due and I told her she turned round and said ''oh a girl at work is due around then, she's not as big as you though'' I though oh great-thanks, way to make me feel good about myself.
    Im like you though I havent put much if any weight anywhere else-Its all in the bump;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I am measuring 5 cms too big according to my mw I am 34 weeks and meauring 39cms I am having to go for a growth scan on monday and see a consultant on thursday, I also have to see the mw every week now. I have been told I have a glucose deficiency and that is the reason for the big bump as my pancreas is not breaking down the glucose properly and passing it on to baby which is making him grow too quickly (or something along those line lol).
  • I have just had my appts with the midwife increased to weekly due to my blood pressure being slightly up (it all seems fine though) and last week my bump measured 34 (at 34 weeks) and this week I'm up at 37! 3cm in a week! But she's not concerned. I'm still on weekly appts but that because of my BP, not bump size.

    I also had a scan at 30 weeks because the baby's kidneys were slightly enlarged and at that stage he was measuring 33 weeks. But when I looked at the charts for size he was actually still within the normal range for 30 weeks, just right at the top. They do have growth spurts and these are all just estimates anyway. So I doubt it's anything to worry about, they are just keeping an eye on things which is good!

    As far as how other people see us, I think they have a fixed view of what a pregnant woman should look like and if we don't fit that exactly they will comment on it negatively! But we're all different. I've constantly been told that I'm very "neat" but my measurements have all be average or high. And I feel like I'm huge... But I really know I'm not... I'm just pregnant!
  • Hi hun, I am measuring 4 weeks bigger than my dates, was 37cm at my 33 wk check and sick of people saying how big I am - as if I don't already know this!!!! As everyone else says each person is different so try not to worry, a girl I work with is 2 weeks behind me and is a lot smaller, funny thing was she was actually alot bigger than me to start with so must have had her growth spurt early and there is another girl at our antinatl class who is only 16 or 17 and is now 33 wks and you still can't tell she is pregnant! Tammi xx
    35.5 wks
  • Hi, all the way through this pregnancy I have ranged from 4-6 weeks too big. I have had extra scans and a lot of it is due to me carrying extra fluid. Baby is a littler big but being my third they are not too concerned they are just more concerned about the fluid. I have another scan next wednesday followed by a visit to my consultant. I f you are only measuring big by 2 weeks I wouldnt worry too much where I am they dont get concerned until you get 3cms bigger.

    They also say that it can also depend on how your baby is lying and if you have a full bladder? So I am still not sure how accurate they actually are!

  • I was measuring a week behind my dates until i went at 32wks and now im measuring 3wks ahead. I had grown a massive 8cms in 3 and a half weeks, ahhh. I know its hard but i wud just try and ignore peoples comments, wen someone asked me the other day how long i had left and i told her seven weeks, she was so rude. Her jaw dropped to the floor and she said "seven wks! My god huge enourmous u can't be right, u must have ur dates wrong." Er hello i think i no how far gone i am thank u very much, not that ur opinion matters anyway, lol. I think iv become immune to such comments now tho coz i just smile and nod politely. Kerry xxx (33+1)
  • hi

    i'm 28 +1 and measured 29 today. my bump i big and i' short and just about everyone i meet feels they ave to comment on it! everyone seems to think they are an expert. as in Boots last week and lady on till asked me when due. when i told her she said i was carrying too low and must have my dated wrong!! i was also told in the same day by lady at golf club that i would be a very big girl if i wasn't careful.nice.

    i totally sympathise with you all!! baby is happy and healthy so they can all sod off!!

  • lol kerry dont go mad but you have grown looooads. You look gorgeous though, I just couldnt belive it when I saw your new avatar picture! I think I'm about average size for 25 weeks. On my notes it says fundal height is 28cm.
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