14 weeks, been starting to feel baby now nothing ?!

hi i have been starting to feel tiny movements from the baby over the last week or so but yesterday and today ive not really felt anything, been really concentrating on trying to feel it...do you think this is ok because i am just starting to feel it? this is my second baby so i know it was def the baby i could feel, and midwife said it was possible i could feel it so early cause i quite slim (normally).i had noticed i felt it alot if i was eating something tasty like cheese doritos, might go buy a pack and see what happens !!

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  • hi

    i didnt feel reece move until 21 weeks but there were loads of days when i didnt feel him at all. the midwife told me that it just depends which way they are facing at first. call your midwife tomorrow if your worried but i am sure it will be fine. good luck hun xx
  • I have a doppler and just going onto 14 weeks.And i have been listening to my bump and this even there was only a heartbeat.not too much movement. I put it down to the little one just being tired as there was a lot of movement yesterday.and i was up early this morning this really bad back aches.
  • i felt my baby move at 14weeks but only once or twice a day if that some days, there is still room in there for baby so you will prob not feel loads of movment.
    i have only just in the last few days felt more movments im prob getting my 10 a day now mabie a few more if im lucky lol,
    i know its hard not to worry,but try not to hun,you will feel more movment as baby gets bigger and less room in there hun,
    hope you feel more movment soon,
    take care xx


  • Hi, I wouldn't worry too much. I also started to feel the baby move around 14/15 weeks but it was very hit and miss, I think as the others have said because the baby is so small still they can move into a position where you won't feel the kicks etc so I really wouldn't panic.

    If in doubt go and see your midwife she will be able to hear the heartbeat now so you can have some reassurance.

    L xx
  • Just wait till ur baby gets bigger then u will be feeling it all the time. 14wks is very early so I wouldnt worry too much, but any concerns u have should b discussed with your midwive even if its just to put ur mind at rest. Kerry x
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