On maternity leave??

hiya girls and bumps! hope everything is going good.
ive just realized i have 2 weeks left at work!!! hehehehehe but what am i gonna do with my self? how did/are u coping being on maternity leave? xxx


  • Im just at the end of my first week off and I've spent it cleaning and tidying - but have actually felt a sudden urge to want to do this. I spose this must be the nesting period, lol!! Not sure what im going to do with myself now as the nursery is pretty much organised, can't afford to do anything and now that oh has passed his driving test he takes the car most days to work.

    I think i'll try and chill,watch dvds and enjoy a bit of 'me' time. xx
  • hay hun i went on maternity leave very early 1st september and since then ive been cleaning and doing babys bits but now im and so board as i have nothing left to do god nos what id be like if i dint have planning to move next week lol

    loren x x
  • Hey hun

    Believe me u will find something to do! i find myself just sorting all babys stuff out before her arrival, watching tv, on babyexpert and facebook lol i can bear the thought of going back to work at the min haha!

    Steph 39+5 x
  • i wanna sort out our nursery but the problem is we are trying to get rid of the double bed out of there but having no luck.. :cry: xxx
  • I finished 3 weeks ago and to be honest I've been really busy sorting the house and getting 'old' jobs done so the time has flown. Really enjoying my little boy too on the days he's not in nursery- going to feed the ducks and to the park which normally we can't do. I know last time I was bored as was off over a month before baby arrived but not this time! :\)
  • i have been busier since i stopped work last week. going places i wouldnt normally cos i have the time. Also enjoying morning tv after dropping off lo at school. have still got nursery to sort though and clothes to wash plus must sort my hopsital bag. so tired though at mo and spd nor helping
    Filo x
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