I have been exposed & a bit worried...

I have been exposed to a child who is recovering from chicken pox she hugged me and only later did i find out that she had them... she said she was better now and had them a while ago and is waitting for the scabs to heal... I am worried.. what can/ should I do? x image


  • Have you had chicken pox? If so, then you are immune (as far as i understand it).

    I was in a similar position as you as the other week I was at my parents and my nephews were there and the very next day one of them came out with chicken pox. My sister took him to the doctors and mentioned that i was exposed to it too and that i am pregnant and he said there is nothing to worry about as long as she has had the chicken pox.

    If your still worried, i would ring your MW just to double check and put your mind at rest.



    33 weeks
  • yeah I have had them when i was little... OH was horrified when I said when our child is born I hope to expose him to them early to prevent problems when he gets big... lol he was like why would you do it... I was like its uncomfortable when they are little but you can take care of them but whe they get older it can be dangerous... God so much to worry about! x
  • hi my wee girl had them a few months ago (before i was preg tho luckily) and i know that they are not contagious after they have had the scabs for 5 days. altho some say that once the last one has started to crust is when they not contagious anymore (that was the rule at her nursery).

    i really wouldnt worry if youve had them before..but i do undertand its only natural and as someone said you should speak to yor mwife if youre really worried x


  • Don't worry,

    My daughter had chicken pox before christmas (I was 19 weeks) and my doc said there was nothing for me to worry about as I had it as a child.

    I was fine...
  • thanks girls mwah! x
  • I have had chicken pox twice!
  • Hi
    My 2 children have chicken pox at the mo and I have been keeping them away from everyone - I found some really useful info on the NHS Direct Website.
    Basically it is very rare even if you do get CP for it to cause any complications.

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  • Hi,
    I had this problem the other week & I ended up scaring the life out of myself reading things about the pox & pregnancy (why why why do we do this to ourselves?)..anyway when a child has chicken pox the virus is in their system before the scabs come out & when they have scabbed the virus is dead its just uncomfortable for them because they are so itchy.
    It is dangerous for pregnant women to be exposed to a child who has chicken pox but as my Mum said to me she had 4 children & at one point 2 of them had chicken pox while she was pregnant wtih the 3rd (being me!) and there was no one else to look after them so she ploughed on ahead.

    To put your mind at ease speak to your MW & see what she says but I would say your grand & try not to worry too much because the worry carries onto the baby!

    Take care,
    Lauren (35+1) xox
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