Spa, what can i do???

Hi All,

I am thrilled to have found out i am nearly 6 weeks pregnant but i am due to visit a spa this weekend with my Mum & Sister which has been planned for ages. image

Now, i know i can't have anything that uses essential oils but what can i do?? Can i have massages? I will get my feet done and possibly a facial but i don't want my expereince to be wasted....

Don't get me wrong, if i need to i will sit in my dressing gown and read a book all weekend but i just wondered if anyone worked in this field or had any experience?



  • well they may do a pregnancy massage or find out which oils are safe. I have had a massage before but may only be allowed after a certain stage of pregnancy and back or shoulders only.
    i had a facial yesterday and they did facial massage and arms and that was blissful!!
    ring in advance and see what they say. Have a lovely time and relaxxxxxx.........
    Filo x
  • hi hun,1st of all congratulations!!i am not 100% but think its lavendar oil ur supposed to b careful with when pregnant and i know u usually cant use the saunas or steam rooms as it can cause high blood pressure.Hope this my help hanna xx

  • Hiya

    I'd do what Filo said and phone ahead - they'll give you the full range of treatments suitable for pg. I'm a beauty therapist and know that the following treatments must be avoided during pregnancy: massage (1st trimester and then only pregnancy massage), reflexology (1st trimester only), sauna, jacuzzi, steam rooms.

    You should be ok with everything else - just make sure they don't use any essential oils in their facials etc as well - they should ask you when you arrive anyway.

    Congratulations on your pg and enjoy your weekend (I say through gritted jealous teeth!)

  • Thanks All - i have called them to tell them my circumstances but they just said they will discuss options when i get there....!

    Oh well, i am sure it will be lovely whatever i get to do when i am there. Just make sure i have a good book, just encase!

  • You'll be fine, they might just change which oils they use. I went for a mum-to-be treatment at Clarins last week (at 32 weeks) which was lovely. I don't usually got for anything like that but my other half bought it for me as a treat.

    I sat down and had a lovely back massage, then got onto the bed and had a tummy massage (v gentle), a facial, scalp, neck and shoulder rub, hand massage and foot and calf massage. It was well worth the ??40 he paid for it!!
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