Tips for dealing with annoying builder???

Hi, I feel stupid posting this and like I'm over reacting but just wondered what everyone else would do in this situation.
I have to walk past a hotel that's being built everyday on my way to and from work and I'm so sick of one of the builders. Each time I walk past him he tells me to cheer up love. I know he's hardly hurling abuse at me but it's so annoying, for all he knows something awful could have just happened to me. The first few times I just ignored him and then started glaring when he did it and I'm sure he's just doing it to get a rise out of me and it's starting to feel like harassment, I think he sees me coming and purposely makes his way to the side of the road. Normally it wouldn't really bother me and I don't have a temper but with my hormones all over the place I can feel my fuse getting shorter everytime and have had to hold myself back from having a go at him. Today I just snapped and shouted is that the only efffing sentence you know mate? He just stood laughing at me with the other builders. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and feel quite vulnerable anyway and I often have to walk by this building site in the dark. I'm worried now I've snapped at the bloke he's only gonna get worse. It's not noticeable to others yet that I'm pregnant so I don't know if he'd still continue to harass a pregnant woman if he knew this and I didn't know whether to say to him look mate I'm pregnant and feel like shit every morning so excuse me if I don't look particularly cheerful now leave me alone. If he continues I was thinking of informing the site superviser or the hotel chain that they are working for but is this a complete over reaction???
What would you do? I'm considering walking round a much longer route to work just to avoid him but I don't see why I should have to do this.
Bloody men!
Leanne xxx


  • Oh hun sorry that these guys are doing this too you. I know how threatening it call feel even if they think they are only messing around.

    If I'm honest it probably means he fancies you (sorry if that repulses you) if it makes you feel really uncomfortable ask to speak to his supervisor, or do you know the company they work for? perhaps they wear those fluresant jackets with the company name on? if so look up the main office telephone number and put in a complaint about him, they will take you seriously, if you don't feel happy doing that do what you suggested and ring the hotel chain.

    Can anyone meet you from work and walk home with you? perhaps your oh? I doubt this guy would say anything to you if another bloke was with you.

    You are not over reacting I hate builder types who think it is ok to comment on women or talk to you like they own you - he is only doing it to look good infront of his mates, but he actually looks like a twat.

    Hope this helps image

  • Hi Leanne

    I'd go straight to his employer - I used to work for a construction management company and there's always one Numpty on the site. The only way to get through to them is having their supervisor tell them to stop, but the supervisor won't do that (he likes to keep his lads on side and not be seen to be a wimp being nagged by a woman) unless you go through the company.

    There will probably be a company name or logo on hoarding somewhere - google them and call their switchboard. Ask to speak with the project manager or assistant to the PM in charge and tell them you feel harrassed. I'd also tell them that if it happens again you'll be forced to contact their client, the hotel.

    Good luck pet - as a plan B, have you thought of listening to music on the way and drowning them out?


  • hi honey,

    i used to have this problem every day walking to work i had to walk past a quickfit and there were always blokes whistling and shouting at me and i used to be so embarrassed. one day i told my employer and he contacted the quickfit supervisor and it stopped immediately.

    now i have a couple of blokes working over the road from me and they can see directly in my windows and vice versa, when they first started working there they'd constantly shout "get your rat out" at me and i just used to roll my eyes or ask them if they ever actually pulled with that line? some days they would blatantly be watching me or blowing kisses and immature things like that through the window and it made me feel so insecure and unsafe so i'd ring my fella and one day he came home when they were still there he went straight over and told them to stop perving over his pregnant girlfriend or else he'd knock them into next week lol i dont know whether it was the fact that they hadnt realised i was pregnant or that my oh just scared them but they have stopped now and if i ever look up and they're looking my way they avert their eyes quicksharp! i find sticking my bump out helps too!!

    wow, did u ask for my life story? lol sorry chick, i'd say ring their site manager or just stop next time go straight up to the bloke and say look i'm pregnant and yeah i feel like sh*t most mornings and u shouting pathetic remarks like that really doesn't help at all. grow up or else i'll be talking to your site manager. oh, and a wolf whistle every once in a while wouldnt go a miss. nice one.

    or just smack him round the back of the head.

    let us know how it goes lovey xxx
  • Aren't they a bunch of muppets! Tell him your pregnant and that will probably make him stop but I think you should complain to the company as well. He shouldn't stop just because you are pregnant, he should stop because it makes you feel uncomfortable. In a less vulnerable position I would say smile and enjoy the flattery cos caz is probably right, he quite likes you!! But hey anything that makes you feel uncomfortable should be reported. x
  • Thanks girls you've given me some great advice and I feel so much better knowing it's not just me who feels this behaviour is out of order. I think on my walk back tonight I'll note down the name of the company and as you say weeza call them and complain, I agree if I spoke to the site superviser he'd want to be one of the lads and wouldn't do anything about it.
    It would be great if my husband could walk by with me as he's a big bloke and a police officer, I don't think the builder would have the balls to say anything in front of him, unfortunately I don't live nearby as I drive in and then walk into town centre so hubby's not around.
    If you're right caz and he's just doing it cos he fancies me I don't rate his chances of ever pulling a woman if this is how he goes about it, should feel sorry for him really.
    And yes rhiannon I would LOVE to smack him round the head, you've no idea how close I've come to it! lol
    I'll let you know how I get on,
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