Not feeling baby?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and thought I would have flet my baby by now. This is my 4th baby (3rd pregnancy as the 1st was twins). The last time I was pregnant I felt the baby about 15/16 weeks. I DID feel something when I lay on my tummy at the weekend - but have felt nothing since. Just worrying a bit now.


  • I know they say that you feel subsequent pregnancys earlier but I don't think that this is true for everyone. First time round I was getting definate movement by 16 weeks. This time it was more like 19 weeks and like you I was starting to worry. I'm sure that it will be fine, try not to worry!
  • I am 17 weeks tomorrow and am only just getting flutterings, not kicks yet. They are ver light and I often mistake them for wind lol.

    Give it another week, if not movements by then maybe mention it to your midwife.
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