RE: TigerFeet's sad story

I think we can safely say that it was such a tragic story and our hearts go out to that poor woman, but I just wanted to add a similar story that had a haapy ending.

Throughout my last pregnacy my baby was active and "normal" then at 34weeks he went mad for around three hours (i was been horribly sick coz of it). When he settled down I didn't think anything of it, but about 20-24 hours later I still hadn't felt anything. I went to the hospital where i was hooked upto numerous machines and although a heart beat could be detected there was absolutely no movement. After hours of proding, poking and monitoring by the midwives he finally started moving again, and didn't stop till the day he was born...ha ha ha!

I just thought I'd add this because at the time I didn't quite understand what it meant nor did I realise why the midwives were so worried and even discussed early delivery between themselves. I hope this cheers everyone up abit, because although these tragic stories are sad, they are extremely rare but at least we know what to look out for!

Thanks TigerFeet, your story could save a babies life

Kerry x


  • Hi Kerry its good to hear you had a happy ending and saving babies was what I was hoping the story would do.. and thats what I ment in my thread when I said it may be nothing but least if you get it checked best to be safe than sorry and you are a good example of the that and still had a lovely baby at the end of it

    x x x
  • Definately, otherwise u will just stress urself out worrying about it even more. I always had questions to ask my mw at every appointment last time, alot of things were just stupid lil things but things i was getting anxious over. k x
  • Hi, I know everyone is sick of this now and who blames them but I just wanted to bump this thread near the top as I have made reference to it in my thread and feel that poeple should also read a happy ending!!! x x x
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