LOST HOSPITAL NOTES - Can you get them replaced? ARGH!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I can't fin my hospital notes anywhere. I'm going for a scan tomo and they said not to forget the scan letter as they will not do it otherwise.

I'm really crapping myself as its a really important scan.

Do you know if they might do it anyway?
Or do you know if you can replace hospital notes.

ARGH I'm going mad, and all hubby can say is 'well where did you leave them?' Ass!

Amy 37+4


  • I'm sure of you ring them 9 on the dot tommorrow and explain they may still go ahead. I dunno if your notes are like mine but if they are I'm sure they will be retrievable as I always see the midwife putting in all the details on her computer.

    Hope they turn up- look in all the silly places like cupboards, the freezer, your knicker drawer! If you are anything like me they'll be somewhere they shouldn't be!!! lol!
  • hey hun

    i had that problem myself have u checked it in ur labour bag as i put mine in there just in case i go early!

    Like Nicospoon said ring them first thing in the morning and let them know that u cannot find the letter and they will have ur details on ur computer and they cannot turn u away as its really important they keep an eye on u anyway!!

    hope u do find it hunni
    Carly 40 + 1 xxx
  • I really hope you find them & they go ahead with your scan.
    Good luck!

    Lauren xx (32wks)
  • I dont think they wont do your scan may say it as a threat to make sure you bring them... you'll prob be 'told off' and told bring them next time... dont distress your self over them tho going frantic will only keep you head busy bet if you pop out for a cuppa with a mate it will pop back into your head that you left them.... (lol wish I could finish that sentence for you luv! let us know tho!)

    honestly dont think they will refuse to treat you! xx
  • Oh no - worst nightmare! I forgot my notes for one appointment and they told me I would not be seen until I went home and got them.

    However, if you really can't find them, you'll have to 'fess up and tell them that they are completely lost and they'll have to create a new file - you won't be the first woman to have lost them I'm sure!!

    Look suitably contrite and ashamed and they might be a bit nicer to you!!!!

    Good luck!
  • mine are all backed up on the computer so hopefully yours will be to. like everyone said just let them know. worse comes to the worse we have concluded that crying will always work
  • Oh no im sorry but i am laughing not becouse your stressed but becouse your oh sounds just like mine! If anything is lost in our house it is allways my problem. Sweetheart dont stress pregnant people do loose things it MUST happen all the time, like the others said evrything goes on to computer they cant refuse you as you havnt left them at home you have lost them. The scan is obviously important so they will have to do it! And i couldnt agree more with the crying it doesnt take much to get me going . You will be fine honest good luck xxxxxx
  • what happened? xx
  • Did you find them hun?? xx
  • Thank you for all your replies!!
    WE FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After a very stressful night and nearly a divorce hubby found them in the boot of his car. He must have picked them up with all his paperwork when I asked him to clear the table for dinner!!! He never said but think he is really embarresed!
    So we went for the scan and everything is great with baby!

    Thank you again,
    Amy 38 weeks xxxxxx
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