Is it normal to be over due and have no checks on baby?

Hi girls,

I'm getting over my last rant but have started to think its a bit odd that i'm now 10 days overdue and had no monitoring to check my baby. They are letting me go till Friday before i'm induced, so will be 14 days over.

The midwife came round at +8 and did the heartbeat thing and told me that baby is completely free and un-engaged, which she said could be as baby is so big.

She isn't coming round till Wednesday when i'll be +12 but thats to do a sweep as she couldn't last time as baby wasn't engaged and my cervix was still closed and far back.

Is it ok for me to be going all this time with no proper checks or monitoring? Especially as midwife thinks baby is so big and could be why her head hasn't engaged in my pelvis? Surely baby is only going to get bigger the longer she stays in the womb?!

ARGH! Sorry it turned into a rant again! Oops :roll:

41+3 xxxxxxxxxxx


  • You poor thing - it doesn't sound right to me - surely you should have had a scan if they think the baby's too big!!!! I don't think it's right but then again it's probably normal. Hope you get started soon hun - really feel for you, I'm 35 weeks and have hit the enough is enough stage now! xxx
  • put your foot down now! call the mat ward and tell them of your concerns.

    My sis went over due, and was concerned from 36 weeks about the size of the baby, when she finally had her DD she was about 2 weeks over and baby got stuck, they got her out in the end but she ended up witha broken arm, the consaultant asked if she had been warned about the size and going over due other wise they would have got her in sooner, to say they were livid was putting it mildly!!

    Shout, scream, what ever, make them listen, your the mum, trust your insticts!!!
  • Thank you for your advice.

    I have tried paging my midwife, 3 times, and also left a message on her mobile phone to call me back but that was hours ago.

    Do you think I should be phoning the labour ward then?
    I really hate to be 'the annoying pregnant woman' but i'm going out of my mind here.

    My baby was breech untill 37+5 when I went for a scan to find she had turned, they were meant to do a growth scan at the same time and get an idea of her weight etc, but my midwife filled the form out wrong so they wouldn't do it! I couldn't believe it. I tried paging her and phoning her but got no reply for 4 days when she said she had been on leave. She didn't send me for another growth scan and it kind of got forgotten about.

    I'm so desperate to get this baby out and have a really strong feeling that the induction will fail, in which case they wont do c-section till Monday 10th when i'll be +17.

    Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

  • if your midwife is not answering call the labour ward, that could be where she is anyway.
  • Still no answer from the midwife so i'll call the labour ward. I just really don't know what to say to make them listen. I really need to grow some balls! x
  • I know what you mean, read my other thread, I know it sounds easy to call them, but I can't do it either, don't want to be branded a nag or worrier, LOL, but I think we need to start putting the LO's ahead of our own fears.
  • You could always stretch the truth a little and tell them that you haven't felt as much movement as normal and you are a bit concerned! Then when you get there explain what has happened up untill now and see if they will do anything. It does seem a bit odd that they are leaving it so late to induce when they know that the baby could be big anyway. Hope you get it sorted, Kerry xx
  • Thanks girls,
    Well I phoned the labour ward and tried to explain. They pretty much laughed at me and said to book an appointment for tomorrow with my midwife as she is at the surgery tomorrow, then hopefully she can put my mind at rest.
    I'm even more furious now.
    Just completely broke down infront of my husband, think I scared him. Just feel I have no control over anything and am just 'another pregnant woman' and noone listens.

    I've just had a shower to calm down and feel a bit better now.

    I wish I had read your post Kerry before I phoned them as I really should have done that!

  • I think I was just born sneaky :lol:
  • You must be sooooo miserable! *HUG* I know I would be. I would have been throwing tantrums loooong ago.

    You should not be going 17 days overdue - the placenta doesn't work as efficiently after 14 days and the risk of stillbirth goes up (only a tiny chance, but still, it is irresponsible of them to leave you so long).

    In my area they offer a sweep at 8 days over and then at 12 days over you're admitted to be induced.

    I did wonder why they didn't send you for a growth scan when you posted saying you were measuring at 44 weeks. OK, it is only an estimate, but they should have done a growth scan as routine, just to check baby was a normal size, and then if she was big they could have done an early induction or c-section.

    Please please don't let them do a c-section later than 14 days over. If the induction fails you should be given a c-section straight away!!! xxxxx

  • oh hunny!! I really feel for you!

    Make that appointment for tomorrow, maybe if you see the MW she will see how distressed you are, don't be afraid to break down in front of her.

    Let us know how it goesxxxx
  • I was induced at +13. They offered montoring if I didn't want the induction and wanted to wait it out, other than that they saw me each week. When I was on the ward there were women there who were +17 as the ward had been so busy and they kept cancelling the inductions. The process was explained to me that once they started the induction I would end up with a delivery one way or the other i.e. sweeps, gel, drips, c-section. I managed to avoid the c-section, but only just. It wasn't the case I would have been sent home if it didn't work, even though it could take a few days!

    Your other point about being a pain of a pregnant woman - after going through it all I wouldn't hesitate to voice any concerns I had at any time, and keep voicing them until something was done or my mind was put at rest. At the end of the day a stressed mother doesn't help anyone so do what ever you need to do. Remember, they have seen it all and heard it all so I bet you won't be the worst!! Once your baby is born 'they' keep saying do what you think is best so follow that now and listen to your instints. Complain if necessary to the senior midwife etc.

    Take care and good luck
  • Hi everyone!
    Thank you so much for your advice!
    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm now going in tomorrow morning at 8am for my induction, and they'll do all the checks then! I'm so pleased and relieved too!

    I'm so glad I finally grew some balls!

    I'm so sorry to hear of your twin Zoey, thats awful. 5 weeks is such a long time to go over xxxxxx
  • thank god for that!!! good luck!
  • Yay!! Don't forget to let us know how it went when you get back home. Good luck with it all, Kerry xx
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