Partner vs. his mate??????

My partner like ive posted before, we are trapped between all this madness with his ex, well can i ask a question???

his best mate is more helpful around the house, more considerate, caring and everything towards what im going through at the moment. He comes to carry my shopping, makes me tea everytime hes here and even cleans the place. Its like OH is too busy worrying about Ex causing problems and deosnt want to wake up and realize we are starting a new fanily. yet his best mate, single, and so wicked is like the perfect would be dad,

Vote please. LOL


  • just to add, im not saying im gonna leave my OH for his best mate, so dont get wrong idea, im just in a really bad mood and needed to rant.
  • I'm not sure I can make a vote.

    Have you told oh how you feel? does he see his best friend doing these things for you? There is def a issue here but it's always better to try and work things out with the father. Men are thick you practically need to slap them round the face with reality before the realise it, I'm sure your oh loves you and that the only reason he is the way he is with his ex is because of his daughter, he clearly loves his child and I'm sure once your child arrives he will be exactly the same. The best friend is probably being the way he is being because he knows that is where it ends, my dh friends do the same for me because the see me as a poor defensless preggo woman. Maybe get the best friend to speak to oh and men tend to listen to men.

    I don't really know what else to say image

  • I was just going to ask if you was considering leaving him! I think you need to talk to you oh and remind him he has another child on the way and not just the one he has now. I know things might be hard for you both at thr minute but he isnt making it any easier for you, you should be resting and putting your feet up. And he should be helping out alot more than he is. Maybe his best mate could have a word with him? xx
  • Lol I just read your second message after writing mine.

  • Lol I just read your second message after writing mine.

  • i think you need to give your oh a kick up the backside, he should be helping you with all those things not worrying about his ex. He has rights to see his other child anyway so if she did make things difficult he could take her to court for access etc. The best mate is sounding very nice and helpful tho - lol - i'd point this out to your oh!!

    Good luck with things, i hope they get better, you need your oh's support not him fussing your ex all the time. x x
  • CazA is right, you have to explain every little detail to men they're minds are slightly child-like so they don't pick up on signals. I learned that a long time ago! hehe

    But don't nag what ever you do...that just flies above their heads. You have to sit down together, with no distractions and talk your problems through. I know it seems obvious, but not many people do this which is why relationships fail. You say your piece then let him say his. Work it out together...simple as. Well sort of lol.

    Good luck let us know what happens. Karys 17+2 weeks.
  • lol thanks guys. its funy as his mate is here now, they are like brothers as they have known each other since like forever. It just makes you think you know, it makes you more pissed of with your OH because you got his best mate coming round just to check you ok, he know me OH is a bit senseless, when it comes to teh EX, so hey at least i no I got someone to look after me. BTW the best mate is sitting here reading Anyone looking for the perfect man????????lol
  • Lol always on the lookout!! Can come carry my shopping, make me tea and clean my house ANYTIME!! x
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