How many weeks where you when you felt baby move??

All the baby development websites say you can feel things from week 15 onwards. I can only feel my belly rumbling!!


  • everybody is different - if this is your first you might not be aware of what you are looking for - the way that i would describe it is like a butterfly in your tummy. I imagine you should start feeling something any day now. it varied with my 3 pregnancies - my first it was closer to 18weeks, my 2nd i remember feeling the flutters at about 14weeks and the current one i felt it about 3 weeks ago so about the 15week 16week mark, you feel it more when you are relaxed and doing nothing, so don't get stressed about it - it will come.
  • I thought i felt it the other week but I'm 16 weeks now and can just feel slight fluttering! i know its lo now!!xx
  • I think thats early for some. I felt this one earlier than when preg with dd, around 16 weeks I think. for a lot its between 18 - 22 weeks. x
  • Ohh i cant wait, its amazing to think you can feel baby moving inside you.
  • most women will start to feel the baby move anytime between 14-22 weeks, some even later than that. i've heard that some women are feeling it but don't recognize it or put it down to something else. i had my first movements (bit like wind but lower down) when i was about 15/16 weeks, and by 18weeks i started to get kicks (for me these felt a bit like1or 2 really strong pulses) and now i'm getting really definate and sometimes quite powerful kicks and once these start there really isn't much mistaking them for anything else lol.


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