group b strep petition

if anyone is interested in signing the petition heres the link. its to get pregnant women routinely tested for gbs on the NHS


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    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
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  • iv signed it,i think its disgusting that its not tested for in this country! I was gbs positive when pregnant with oldest dd and luckily had iv antibiotics whilst in labour xx
  • I will also sign.

    One of my friends twins nearly died due to this, was prem and very ill. They thought she had meningitis and gave abs to treat it, the very abs that Strep B doesnt react too! It was only when she was transferred to specialist unit that they tested and she came up positive.
  • Signed, thanks for making us all aware of the petitoin. I just really hope it changes things so everyone is tested x
  • The reasons ppl aren't tested is because when they did test at 34 wks the results wern't reliable, some were missing out on treatment and some were recieving when it wasn't necessary. The infection can be present on one test and gone a few weeks later

    I was gbs it was found in a urine sample at 35 wks, I was tested again at a 40 wk appointment to make sure it was still there so I wasn't given antibiotics for no reason
  • ive also just signed, currently 22 weeks and only found out i gbs + when my sister read though my notes. midwives havent felt the need to tell me so far.
  • My friend has just had a baby and he has tested positive for group B strep and now they are both being kept in for a week. All could have been avoided if they had known she was a carrier! i will def be signing and asking midwife about getting tested at next app!
  • Does anyone know if you are more prone to thrush might you be more prone to GBS? Might be a silly question but its something that has been on my mind as I often suffer from thrush so was considering paying to have the private test around 38 weeks?
  • Ooh meant to add I've also signed the petition I think you should be tested when you go into labour (if there test results can be obtained quickly enough) so the antibiotics can be given then if needed. Its awful that something so easily treatable can be life threatening if not picked up!
  • Signed x

  • Yes, I signed it last week. When you go to te website its worth just spending a few minutes looking through other petitions, I looked through ones relating to familys and children and signed a few more especially one supporting free childrens funerals.the thought of anything happeing and then having to worry about money at a time like that !! does not bare thinking about

    viki x
  • I have signed it
  • ive sighned it its about time the goverment did something its so dangerous if baby gets the infection woman should of been screened 4 it years ago but thats the goverment 4 u thow enit there prioritys r all wrong xx
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