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Evening girls, hope you and bumps have had a nice weekend

We are planning a trip to M&P in a couple of weeks to get our nursery furniture as we have spotted some gorgeous stuff on their website. I was wondering whether anyone has been to the Northampton store and whether they have a good selection of furniture on display?

We really want to see it in person before we choose/buy and Northampton is our nearest store but it's still over an hour away so want to be sure that there is something to see before we make the journey.

Thanks in advance xxx


  • hi i am not sure what they have as i live in suffolk, but why don't you phone the store and ask.
  • Thanks, will do tomorrow. I'm just too impatient to wait till the morning so thought I'd check here first! image Can't wait till we have bought some "big stuff". I will feel like we are really getting prepared then I think. So far I've only really bought clothes and toiletries etc so and sooo excited about kitting out the nursery! xxxxx

  • well i know how you feel, i just want to have it all sorted. i ordered my moses basket today from mamas and papas as the sale ends tonight. a few things i want are out of stock and its so frustrating, as you never know if they are being discontinued. i can not wait to do the nursery either!! i have 6 pink paint samples on the wall, just got to decide which one i like best. well hope you have a nice shopping trip to mamas and papas, hope they have the items there you are looking for. hope there is some mums to be on here that have been to the store and can help you out. xxx
  • Thanks firstimer. I saw you had bought your moses basket - what a great bargain and how cute in pink. I know what you mean about choosing paint colours. We chose ours, hubby painted it and then I spent a week trying to convince myself that it looked OK - I swear the swatch we painted wasn't as bright a yellow as it is now! Hubby stayed very patient and left me to ponder and now it has curtains and a new carpet, I've decided it looks fine. I do feel sorry for him sometimes!! image
  • hey. i am gatecrashing from TTC, I live just up the road from M&P in Northampton. there store is the only one that i have been in, they have 5-7 rooms made up with furniture and then more cots just around the show room. it is a really lovely shop and i love going in there! There is also a Mothercare in Northampton at St James Retail Park. hope this helps, just shout if you want some more info. xxx
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