Measuring big for dates

Hi ladies,

What does it really mean when we 'measure big for dates'?
I have had 2 measurements now,
1st at 24 weeks - Measured 24 weeks
2nd at 28 weeks - Measured 31 weeks.

I am now 31 weeks and have another appoinment on Thursday but have tried to measure myself today likethe midwives do and i'm now 34 weeks so still 3 weeks ahead.
I don't know if i've done it right but what would happen if they say i am still measureing 3 weeks bigger?
Do they send you for a scan? is it a problem?

I know my due date is right so can't be a problem with that.

Thanks guys xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • it means ur baby is measuring 3 weeks bigger then what ur d8s r at this time.u say ur 31weeks n measuring 34 so ur baby is the size it should b wen ur 34wks if u get me hard to explain.hope that helped
  • could just be more fluid tho !! im measuring big but thats becoz im carrying alot of extra fluid !!
  • towards the end of my pregnancy i was 2 weeks ahead of dates and my midwife said they sometimes considered a sizing scan if you were 3 or more ahead but nothing to worry about.maybe i shouldnt mention that max was 8lb 10 tho . . . !!it'l all be fine xx
  • hi i had the same sort of problem in my last pregnancy where they said i was measuring small for dates. it just means you have a smaller/bigger bump and in my case my baby was only 10 days overdue (which is not uncommon) and she was a normal weight 7lb2oz. so i think it is just that your bump is bigger and i dont hink it means you are actually more preg than you thought, or necessarily that your baby is unusually big.i did have to have a few more scans at end of preg incase the baby wasnt growing properly, (or incase umnbilical cord wasnt feeding her properly) but it was just that it was all baby and not much of me, they said she was a normal size in scan and had enough fluid..i know this is opposite of whats happening to you, but the same idea, perhaps you just have more fluid (which i dont think is a problem), but going on my experiences its nothing rally to worry about. x
  • Hi ya Amy

    I've been measuring bigger from 24 weeks but apparently this is due to the babies head still being quite high up and i've got lots of fluid so mw told me not to worry coz i got myself in a bit of state worrying about giving birth to a huge baby!

    hope you're ok and have a fab christmas! x x
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