Cat Dilema

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a cat dilema.....

I am 16 weeks pregnant and have a cat which I love to bits but unfortunately he can be a bit vicious at times. Just last night i was sat on the sofa with him in my lap and i was stroking him then all of a sudden he just turned and gave me a nasty nip on my wrist which bloody hurt. He didnt really break the skin that much but I put antiseptic cream on just in case. We have had him since he was a few months old and we have given him a lovely home with a nice garden for him to play in, a cat flap so he can come and go as he wants but I just dont understand why he is like this - we have never mistreated him. He has given me some nasty bruises and bites in the past.

I am worried as when i have my baby i wont want him to hurt it - i could be sat there feeding and he might jump on me and bite me or my baby! Hubby said the cat should go but I couldnt bear him to be shut up in a cage morning, noon and night with no freedom and how can i give him away when i know he can be vicious - i couldnt have that on my conscience if he bit a child or say an elderly person. My parents own a farm and i thought about handing him over to them but they have just got two little kittens and i know they arent keen as they know what his nature is like.

I know I have got a while to go yet but just wondered if anyone had any advice....


  • Thanks Lady Gwen for your reply,

    Will probably have to give him to mum and dad (and beg with them to take him!!) as long as he doesnt attack the other cats!!

    Your cat sounds nice - i wish mine had a sense that i was pregnant them he would probably not bite me!! Out of all the cats i could have chose, i picked one that bites!! But i do love him though.

    good luck with your pregnancy!



  • LadyGwen - my sister's cat did just the same, started sitting on her lap every night when usually they didn't see him at all, weird! I have to say, my cat's been a bit more affectionate too. Bless them.
    What a dilemma anged - could you not just keep him out more once the baby arrives so he doesn't have chance to get near the baby? I've also got a dog and will be planning on keeping him outside more when the baby's tiny.
  • Hi Davina2

    That's another possibility (if parents dont want him that is).

    I suppose I am a bit soft with him and shutting him out more wont hurt him. Last night he was shut out from 8pm til this morning after he bit me as i was so mad with him and he was fine.

    We have a garden shed in which he has a cat basket and some cat nibbles so he would be fine if i did leave him out more. I just feel guilty when its freezing cold and he's sat outside. When he's affectionate he's lovely but its like he gets fed up with me stroking him and then he turns and bites.

    I am going to have to toughen up and just put him out more!!
  • Hi Anged
    My cat can be a vicious little b*gger as well when she wants to be, she gets locked out for ages when she's attacked someone (usually me), and I've got used to the warning signs (she's nearly 13 now) so I can usually predict it and stop her with a well placed (and suitable angry sounding) 'NO', I've also found that staring her in the eyes or hissing at her helps - sounds bizarre I now but they take staring them in the eyes as a threat and back down coz you're bigger than them, xxx
  • My cat can be somewhat bitey at times but I'm not getting rid of her. Cats play with claws and teeth, and with my cat sometimes her biting is her way of saying she's had enough brushing or fussing or whatever and if you wind her up then she'll definately bite and claw a lot but I think she's more likely to run away from a crying baby - she runs away from the neighbours dog when the stupid beast barks.

    I'm more bothered about the cat trying to sleep next to the baby cause it'll be warm and cozy in the basket so I'll be getting cat nets and I don't plan on leaving the baby and the cat in the same room together unattended.

    If she's really bad she gets locked in the kitchen which is quite funny cause she goes and sulks on top of the cupboards but I haven't had to shut her in there in a while!!

    As Lola said - I find that an angry 'no' and staring does tend to work too.

    I have had it suggested to me that I get the cot and basket set up and put a baby doll in there and move it around to get the cat used to the idea of something being in there, and when I take her for her injections next month I'll be asking the vet for advice too.

    Now if anyone has any useful ideas on getting the little sod to stop clawing my sofa, or knows where I can get those plastic sheets you can stick on to stop cats clawign then I'd be eternally grateful!!
  • Pets at home have them but they're just double sided sticky tape and everything sticks to them - getting them on is a pain coz they stick to your fingers etc - it might just be cheaper and easier to buy double sided sticky tape - they've not worked for me - my cat still attacks my carpet on the stairs - she just moves to a bit without the tape on! xxx
  • Oh thats no good.. if i managed to get them to stick on then i'd end up with cream sofas covered in black cat fur!!

    They used to sell them in kleeneze catalogues but haven't seen them for ages.

    I might just try double sided sticky tape on the carpet bit she claws up.. or possibly folded over masking tape in case the sticky tape leaves marks.

    I thought about trying the citrus spray stuff thats supposed to deter cats but I'm worried it'll stain. Hmm..maybe I'll just bubble wrap the bottom of the sofa... it'll help protect baby when he gets to crawling and maybe the popping bubbles will scare the cat off image
  • have you tried a water spray ? my 1 year old cat only scratched our sofa one (its leather and i was scared he'd rip it) & my bedroom door in the middle of the night once. I got a water spray bottle & filled it, when he made any attempt to scratch i was waiting & immediately sprayed him with it, he got an awful shock but obviously not hurt & he has never done it again, i used it for various things (like when he tried to get on the kitchen worktop) its great now cos he is such a well behaved boy !!
  • Water spray won't work for my cat..she's a freak and likes to play with water! She does her best to bite and bop the stream of water coming out of a tap..its quite funny!!

    Might work for anged though for teaching hers not to bite
  • Anged, how old it your cat and is he neutered? Our cat was more aggressive when she was younger and before she was spayed, so it might be worth giving that a try? Also this site is quite useful: Cats can be aggressive suddenly when they are on your lap when normally they are ok, its just an overstimulation thing. If this is the only time he's like this then you can probably teach him otherwise.
    Amanda x
  • Hi Gramanda,

    My cat is about 2 years old now and was neutered at around 6 or 7 months old. When he was first a kitten and he started nipping, i thought he would calm down once he was neutered but he hasnt changed. Ive tried the water spray trick (but dont always have it to hand when he bites). Sometimes, i can be in my room getting dressed for work and he will come in and suddenly jump up at me and bites me on the legs. I know cats can get fed up with being stroked too much but sometimes he just pounces for no particular reason when i am minding my own business. I guess thats just his nature but i will take all the girls' advice on board and put him outside more and will go back to trying spraying him with water whenever he is naughty.

    thanks for all your replies / advice girls

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