i had a sickness injection yesterday at the hospital! (as i had a sickness bug) now when i went to the doctors when my morning sickness started he said they dont give any kind of anti sickness stuff to preg women??? i really hope my baby is ok! has any one else had any thing for the sickness???


  • Hi, I always thought that they didn't give stuff to pregnant women but I saw a friend of mine at the doctors last week and she was there to get anti sickness medication as she is so bad with it and she also had them while she was pregnant with her lil boy. Also my sister had anti sickness meds when she was pregnant as she was that bad with it. They put her into hospital at 16 weeks and thats when they gave her the medication and she was then on it until the twins were born at 32 weeks. All 3 of the babies were fine. I think they wouldn't have given it to you if there was a risk that it could harm your baby.
  • i was just worried as the same hospital gave my mate anti biotics for some one who wasnt preg and could of harmed her baby but i was half dead wen they were tellin me what was happenin! im 12 weeks so i was thinkin they might give it to preg women after they are past the first few months??
  • If your still worried ring up nhs direct and ask them just to be on the safe side. Some doctors won't give you anything while you are pregnant even if you are allowed ito take it.
  • When I was in hospital they put me on the drip cause I was so dehydrated due to vomitting. I have had anti sickness medication in the passed cause my body, for some strange reason, hates food, but i love eating. So always had a problem. But when I asked the docs about this they said that they only give medication if I really needed it. They try and keep you off medication as much as possible.
  • i had it while i was having a drip too but ive got doc app tmro and ill ask her about it!
  • the anti-sickness inj given is usually metachlopramide or cyclizine, i had the inj whilst on a drip due to hyperemesis (bad morning sickeness) and then sent home with the tablets to take when i felt sick, they are safe to have during pregnancy as long as prescribed by the Dr.
    sometimes it is better to take medication to keep you well during your pregnancy rather than you and baby suffer the sickness.
    i found that drinking lots of water and sucking on ice-lollies helps during bad morning sickness.
  • well im craving ice lollys lol
  • Yeah lots of water and salt and vinegar crisps did me quite well. Every now and again I have a woft of something and I cant hold my vomit. I lost quite a bit of weight. Once I loose the bump I reckon I will be a bit thinner than before.

    Thats what happened to my mum as well. She ended up going thinner rather than bigger.
  • well i lost nearly a stone by the time i was 8 weeks but ive only put on 1kg since then! but as long as it doesnt go down then my docs happy (im a big girl anyway)
  • I have had quite a lot of sickness early on and it's back now i am 34 weeks. Had cyclizine earlier which did work but now its not and neither is metoclopramide. because i am not dehydrated they don't seem bothered just told me to drink plenty of fluids and try not to worry.

    good luck I think they do prefer if you don't take the I have just spoken to a friend of mine on the phone and apparently these symptoms do just dissapear after baby is born. Literally Lets hope they do cos i don't know about you but i am deffinately fed up now.
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