baby has hiccups all the time! is it normal?

hi, i am 38+2 weeks and my baby has hiccups all the time! its usually a couple of times a day but can sometimes be up to 4 or 5 times a day! is this normal? could something be wrong with him?

confused charlie and boy bump xxx


  • Don't worry - mine is the same, usually twice a day he gets them for ages! I don't think it means anything is wrong, prob just that they are greedy buggers drinking their fluid! xxxx

  • Did your little one hiccup a lot when you were putting this on hon? 6 times lol Or are we extremely hormonal and taking it out on the enter key lol!!! Have done that myself!!!

    When did the hiccups start? I am 29 wks and I can remember my previous boys having hiccups but havent had it this time - is it too early. I know they both had it loads and they both came out fine so dont think its anything to worry about - as tiger lily said, think they are drinking their fluid!

    I cant wait to get them (but hopefully not at night)
  • haha ye i was getting a bit annoyed! i cant remember exactly when they started but i think it was about a month ago. im glad its nothing to worry about. hes my first so iv been so worried about everything! i really enjoy what it feels like when he has hiccups and now i can enjoy it more now that iv had a bit of reassurance! thank you image xxx
  • i had hiccups for or five times a day when i was pregnant at first it made me laugh and then it got annoying. my lo is 7 weeks old and hiccups after every feed now has done since the day she was born xx
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