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helo everyone hope you are all well and all your bumps are doing good! had to go doctors yesterday as was fwwling slightly dizzy and light headed, she had my results from blood test i had done the other week and turns out im aneamic and i got ANOTHER water infection! she said im run down and working too much for 30+5 and told me too take time off trouble is i feel bad having left work in the lurch! i know i shouldnt but i cant help it! anyway im trying to rest now as before i was told t have time off i was rotad for the next 11 days! do you think this is too much? xxx

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  • i know you are right! my boss is a man and although he has kids he isnt very sympethetic. i could manage 2 weeks work before i was pregnant but its getting harder now. they make me feel as if im asking for special consideration coz im pregnant which im not as i havn't cut my hours at all since ive been pregnant. i dont know what to do!!! opinions or advise please!
  • DOnt know what you do for a living honey but 11 dyas on the trot is way too much for anyone - let alone a pregnant woman. Especially with anemia etc which can really drain you.

    Why not get signed off by the dr then you wont feel so guilty. Take the rest while u can - take care of you and bubs.
  • Did u know the law states that everyone and anyone shouold have at least one day off in seven... its all in employment law...

    but I agree with everyone else... would u be able to forgive yourself if you didnt rest like dr said and something happened.. I know it not a nice thing to think about but thats the attitude you have to have with pregnancy.. and the best thing about being pregnant is that they cant sack you if you are having to have extra time off...

    Take care and good luck x
  • 11 days without a day off is crazy! I'll be 31 weeks on friday, and I have to work saturday morning and I know i'm gonna be knackered doing 5 1/2 days .. but i was always knackered after doing the saturday before I was pregnant.

    Take time off and baby are more important than work!!
  • thanx everyone im gonna put my foot down! xxx
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