Why wont this baby move?! UPDATE

Hi mums and bumps
Grrr I'm feeling so fed up today! The baby moved about twice early this morning but thats it! I hate it when it does this to me, it makes me all worried when it doesnt move much. I've tried prodding it but it wont budge! Does anyone have any tips to get it moving?
Well I had to go in anyway and they were a bit worried as baby was VERY quiet, they even had trouble finding the heartbeat so they did an ultrasound and baby was tucked behind my placenta! Fast asleep but they monitiored baby for a while and were very happy with the heartbeat and after about 3 or 4 hours it started dancing or doing gymnastics or whatever it does in there so that was all fine and they let me go home early this afternoon.
But I am really upset with my midwife, I'm definatly going to try and change but the problem is that there are only 2 midwives for my surgery so the chances are I'm going to have to see her at some point. Really dont know what to do.

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  • They say drinking a fizzy drink or ice cold drink gets it moving. Hope you feel a wriggle soon hun, everything will be fine, it'll just be having a nap xxxx
  • drinking a sugary drink does it for me, or icecream. or a hot bath. mines done that to me before! and i know how worring it can be xx xxx
  • hi hun
    a glass of ice cold water or chocolate gets mine moving, although she barely stays still lol. from 4am till 12 then 2-4 and then 7-3am lol hope this isnt a sign of whats to come lol. xxx They like to worry us hey xxx take care
    30 days to go
  • My midwife says you should take 30 mins out to sit down still with a glass of water and the aim is to get 10 movements if you have had none as you should get that many, but she said that includes when baby moves and you feel it say at the top and bottom, you count it as 2 movements. Give it a go and see if it works, because when you are moving you may not feel it..
  • Mines doing the same! Hardly a peep all day.
    Its so worrying, especially when at other times she's so active!

    31+2. xx
  • lying on my side in a quiet room normally starts my lo moving, even if its just turning to be more comfortable. At least it will put your mind at rest though. Easier said than done but try not to worry, LO might just be tired and having a good long nap.
  • Its just so worrying! It can be so active at times and its scary when it stops. I'm going to have some lunch with a big glass of cold diet coke and see if that helps!
    Thanks for the replies girls, its nice to know I'm not just being a "stupid hormonal woman" as my husband just told me on the phone!
  • My baby is exactly the same today. I'm off work and thought it was just becuase I'm not sitting at my desk and won't notice it so much but I've been sitting here at the laptop for quite a while and nothing's happening. Going to have something to eat and a glass of cold water and see if that gives it a nudge. hubby also thinks I'm being daft. S x
  • your not been silly. If you dont feel baby move in 12 hours period at least 10 times you should go to hosp to be monitored. In 99% of cases all is fine and baby has moved so limbs are to back of you so you dont feel the kicks or you have not felt the baby when it has moved as you were busy.
    have a bath, drink hot or cold drinks, sugary things, or put something hot or cold on bump. Also sit down relax and see if within an hour the baby moves.
    i had day were did not feel baby. I was 35 weeks. i did all of the above and nothing. I then bled badly (i had placenta previa) and had to be rushed to hosp for em section. Luckily my baby was fine and is now 11 weeks old.
    The hosp told me off for not coming in when I was worried. The baby was still as I was in early labour and they do go still when you start labour.
    I dont want to worry anyone but I would trust your instinct and go to hosp to be monitored or call your GP or midwife. Your babies will be fine and you may leave feeling a bit foolish but isnt it better than worrying?????
    D x
  • Thats what I keep thinking to myself. I've done pretty much all of the above and still nothing...getting really worried now as I went into premature labour over the weekend. I havent had any pains or anything yet but baby hasnt moved since 7am this morning.
  • If uve tried all of the above and ur still worried about movements i wud get onto ur mw, they will be happy to check all is okay for u and its better to be safe than sorry, gud luck hun. Kerry xxx

  • Honestly as I said 99% of the time baby will be fine and the minute you get in the mw office it will move. I would though ring them and ask for advice...better to be safe otherwise you will worry yourself sick!!!
    babies they like to worry us dont they?
    Good Luck and tell OH you are not been silly!
    d xxx
  • I think with out worrying youyou should call your MAU and let them tell you what to do, no point sitting at home worrying Carley, call them up! x
  • well I rang my midwife and she didnt care! she said baby is obviously having a quiet day and I should leave it alone. she actually said "for heavens sake woman what do you want it to do" in a jokey but not jokey way if you know what I mean. It still hasnt moved and I've done all the things suggested and whatever makes it move normally. I dont know what to do.
  • I would phone either your labout ward or go to A&E. If you haven't been feeling movement all day then it need investigating. I had to go to hospital on Wed for a check up and the midwife there told me if I was at all concerned about the baby's movement to phone them straight away. Sure everything will be fine though
    Kerry xx
  • Well I was just about to get in the car to go to delivery ward as I rang and they said to come in and it moved! I was just sat on the sofa trying to put a sock on and it kicked when I bent forwards so I lay back and it started going mad! Little bugger. I'm just about to ring them again to say I've felt it move, I dont know if they'll want me to go in or not still though. they might decide to monitor it as its been so quiet all day.
  • I cnt believe ur mw was so dismissive about not feeling any movements wen i see my mw she is always telling me if a feel any changes in movement or any lack of movement to ring them straight away. Glad u finally have some movement, they will prob still want u to go in just to monitor baby for abit and check that everything is okay. Its sods law tho, i had a movement scare in my last pregnancy, i worried about it all day and then wen i finally went to hospital and they hooked me up to the machine baby decided to prove me wrong and go mad, a felt like a right plank, lol. Kerry xxx

  • told you thats what would happen. Pleased for you but maybe as suggested you should go in just to double check

    d x
  • I think they do it on purpose, when I was being monitored the other day the little sod hardly moved, I was there ages untill they had recorded enough movement. As soon as the trace came of he started dancing for all he was worth!
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