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Does anyone know what is classed as free dentalcare?
I'm going to the dentist on wednesday and I'm not sure whether to tell them I'm pregnant or not. I know you get free dentistry but I'm not going for necessary treatment, I've got braces and they should be coming off soon so will be left with a big bill at the end of it! Also having a bridge. Has anyone else had braces or any other unnecessary treatments like this whilst being pregnant?


  • Hi
    Def let them know as they may need to know with your treatment, get yourself a matnerity exempt card asap from doctors surgery. I have to go to the dentist every 2 weeks due to bleeding gums, this far exceeds every 3 monyhjs that i had with my first pregnancy.
    Good luck with everything
  • im not 100% sure but i think it covers all treatments or the majority of them, so defo tell them your pregnant
    im yet to find an nhs dentist near me that i can go to, ive got a hole in my tooth and it really hurts.

  • cool it'll be great if I could get it free! I just didn't think I could because its like more cosmetic than necessary, plus if I've already had the majority of the treatment (I've had this brace in for nearly 3 years!)
    Thanks for your replies xxx
  • not sure about the braces thing but thought all nhs treatment was free up until your baby is one.
    fillings are ok even with the injection. used to be a dental nurse and saw loads of pg ladies have them. if you forego the injection theres a risk that the dentist cant drill as deep as they need and then an infection would be harder to treat.
    I had a crown done after baby was born and that would have set me back about ??150 so there are some benefits to being pregnant.
    Filo x
  • Not 100% but I think its only free with an NHS dentist, so if your dentist is private then you would still have to pay. I was told fillings were fine, however I need one but my as this pregnancy is classed as high risk he wouldnt carry the procedure out. Instead he is keeping a close eye on me and will fill the tooth straight after the baby is born xxxx
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