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wow 47 !!!
Im 10 weeks pregnant at the age of 39 , my 40th birthday will be in May , believe me this is not what I was expecting for a milestone birthday !
My hubby is 46 and I wondered how old your partner is ?


  • Hi Trissy. Congratulations to both you and your daughter. I'm 36 and expecting my first on 24th july. My partners daughter is 21 and expecting her first in a couple of weeks. Quite excited cos i want to get some practice in first image x
  • Hiya, congratulations on being a mum and grandma in the same month! Wow - you are gonna have your hands full.

    I am 38 and am expecting my 3rd in June (9/10th by section) then I turn 39 in October.

    Can I ask how you are coping with being pregnant at 47? Only because I am finding it hard as with my previous pregnancies I was 23 then 32 but this time I have had an awful time and am tired all the time. Just curious how its been for you.

    Take care, Love Lee
  • Wow 47! Congratulations.

    I'm 19, expecting my first in 2 weeks and it's very strange to think of my 52 year old mother being pregnant too! But it must be a great thing to go through together... xxxxx


  • Heya, I'm only 19, but I just wanted to say congratulations to both you and your daughter and it must be wonderful to be able to share being pg with someone so close to you xxx
  • Congratulations to you both!!
    I hope your both well, are you finding it any harder this time? I'm 28 and this is my 3rd pregnancy, my youngest was 9 on Saturday and I'm just so tired this time round!!
    Good luck to you both for the next few months-hope it goes smoothly!!
  • Congratulations to you and your daughter! And well done on the conceiving naturally too! Well impressed!

    Take care, and hope all goes really well for you both. xx


  • Congratulatgions on your pregnancy.I'm 38 and expecting my 4th around July 9th.I'm sure everything will be fine.How exciting for you xx
  • congratulations!!
    im 21 and expecting my 3rd lil man around june 11th.
    i hope u and ur daughter both have happy, healthy pregnancys!!
    elaine xx


  • Congrats to you both!

    I had my first at 18 and am now having my 4th (and last) 20 years later so know about the age gap! I'll be almost 38 when this one's out in June and am finding it really tough this time around.

    Good luck to the both of you and hope everything goes well in terms of the hereditary condition for your little one.

  • hi, im only 19 had first at 18, just wanted to say congrats to both you and your daughter. must be a great thing to share together image x
  • Congratulations!!!!! You should post on the 'trying for a baby' forum too, I'm sure your story would give hope to lots of ladies on there. I'm 39, expecting baby number 2 in June, though my other child is now 14. It took us a while to conceive, & I got really sick of (male) doctors telling me my best chance of getting pregnant was with ivf (which we'd have had to pay for ourselves). We got there naturally in the end!!!
    Hope things go smoothly for you & your daughter!
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