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Can I sleep on right side?

Hi all, I have heard you should sleep on your left side or on your back. I sleep on my right side and always have done, is this going to be a problem I'm in week 14. many thanks.


  • i dont think so i think the reason they say to sleep on left side is to increase blood flow and aid breathing if you struggle? i sleep on both sides and always have mainly on right side to escape OH snores!! dont worry as you get bigger you will just sleep wherever is comfy as you will find it increasingly difficult to get comfy!!! hope this helps x
  • Hi Bristol, I'm nearly 11 weeks and having trouble with how I sleep. Would always sleep on my stomach and loved it - but because boobs hurt so much can't sleep on my stomach anymore, I sleep on my right now, purely becuse hubby does as well and snores like mad!!! If I'm on my back then i snore as well!!! Bonkers - have no idea and hoping if everything goes OK then I'm gonna buy one of those pregnancy pillows and give it a shot!!!!
  • Many thanks, I think I will keep sleeping on right side while it is still comfortable as I'm not showing at all I'm smaller than before i got pregnant due to sickness and I will look into one of those pregnancy pillows or I could use the cat?
  • Hi there,
    It dosent matter ifyou sleep on left/right side they suggest to sleep on left due to blood flow, DONT sleep flat on your back especially in late pregnancy due to the baby sitting on main artery.
  • Hi-ya

    I am 23+4wks and before pregnancy used to sleep on my front (obviously can't do this anymore) I now sleep on my right as it's most comfy for me, struggling to get comfy enough to drop off now.:\(

    Try not to sleep on your back though, as it's bad for you and the baby apparently.

    Sam x
  • Can't add much to above posts but read that sleeping on your back cuts off bloodflow to your legs and to the baby?!! i certainly woke up with pins and needles in my legs if i sleep on my back. Don't think this happens until 25 weeks+, it didn't with me at any rate. hope you sleep well!
  • I cant sleep on my left side or my right side as she kicks me all night long. Unless i lay on my back i am kept awake all night!!
  • Thanks for the info love this forum, I didn't know that sleeping on the back was bad. My OH has said he will change sides so I can sleep on left and look out bless so I will see if that works.

    My sickness has stopped now but I keep gagging I look like a weirdo never mind hopefully soon it will stop good way to get to the front of a queue though!

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