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Hi all
I am 32 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of days have been feeling very sick on and off. I havent actually been sick at atll though and it comes and goes. Now today i have a really bad belly ache right at the top of my belly by my ribs, it goes right across the top and is not more on either side. The only way i can describe the pain is that it feels like my stomache muscles have been really badly pulled. The pain worsens occasionally and is making me occasionally feel like im going to be sick although still havent and on and off i feel weak.
Has anyone had this before?? Any advice would be much appreciated as i dont want to rush to my docs for him to just say i have a sickness bug or something xxxx


  • Hi hun, sorry no advice from me but wanted to bump your post back up to see if anyone else can help. Hope you feel better soon
  • Hey hunny, i usually feel like this when i have indigestion. Try some gaviscon if you can face it, i know its not overly appetising at the best of times, let alone when you feel sick! If that doesnt help i'd recommend calling your midwife, just to be on the safe side xxx
  • hey hun.
    If your still feeling rubbish, it might be worth heading to your GP, so what if they tell you it's just a bug - at least you'll know you and LO are ok. The GP will have far more trivial problems than yours coming through their doors!
    Good luck, and hope you feel better soon.
  • Hey girls i ended up in hospital yesterday and at first they thought i was having early labour pains but i was convinced i wasnt. After many tests they couldnt find out what was wrong and LO is happy enough so they sent me home. Im still feeling really bad today and had a horrid night last night even woke up in tears from the pain so went to my midwife and she now thinks i might have a urine infection so just have to sit and wait for the results, although she also said if i get worse to go to the hospital again. I just wish i could bring myself to eat something as i know baby probally needs it but still cant so drinking lots of water instead.
    Thanks u for ur replies huns, sometimes all u need is a friendly word image xx
  • Oh bless you, so glad you're ok and out of hospital, you get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.
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