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As anyone who lives in the Lothians will already know, we dont get a 20 week scan around here...:evil:

I'm now looking into the option of booking a private scan. There have been a few mention of places in Edinburgh in various posts but of course I didn't note any of them down!

I'd be really grateful if anyone who has had a private 20 week scan done in Edinburgh can let me know where they went, whether they would recommend the place and what they paid!

Many thanks,



  • Glad all seems to be going well Gillian! How many weeks are you now? How you feeling?

    J x (31 weeks!)
  • Hey gr2007, page 21 December 8 I think title No More Scans was the thread I started after I found out I wouldn't get a 20 week scan. There are lots of suggestions in there for private scans. Let me know how you get on as I am still undecided. I invested in an angelsounds doppler and that appeases the worry a little bit cos babys heart is loud and strong in there! xx
  • thanks mummym! oh not keen on getting a doppler - he says if at any point i couldn't hear heartbeat i'd be too stressed out, and he's right! I will let you know how I get on.

    Hi Jo - I'm almost 16 weeks now, can you believe it! Had mw appt today and heard hb which was amazing. Next appointment 7 weeks away though which seems like ages away. Look at you on 31 weeks - nearly there!!!! When are you finishing work again?
  • Hey there have a look at this website, I'm from Glasgow and used them last time I was pregnant
  • Hi,

    as you know I'm in Edinburgh too so been doing a bit if research myself. Read somewhere on another chat site that one woman wrote a couple of letters to her local MSP and ended up getting a 20 week scan on NHS after all so might be worth making a fuss? Haven't decided what I'm going to do yet but there seem to be a few places offering scans with prices ranging from about ??90 for a 2d scan to about 300 for 4d packages. Will let you know if I hear anything good or bad about any of the places.
  • great thanks! Am also planning on contacting msp - not particularly to get a free one, more to complain about the whole postcode lottery system!
  • I have emailed my local MSP today so will let you know when I get a response. Maybe if enough people start complaining to MSPs something will be done to change current system, won't help us much but maybe if we have another child in the future?!
  • Marvellous. Will also let you know once we've got in touch with ours.
  • Reply from MSP:

    Thank you for writing to me. This issue was raised with me before and I recall contacting the Health Board. As you narrate they argue that though no routine second scan offered one is always available if there is concern.
    I am out of the office at the moment but will arrange to either locate the past letter or enquire again.
    As indicated I can understand your concern but at least there is the comfort that a second scan is always available free if needed. I will need to check what the criteria are for that second scan but as again I recall it was a fairly liberal interpretation.
    Thank you for writing to me. Can you confirm your address and that you are a constituent. I require that for Parliamentary protocol I regret.
    Kenny MacAskill

    I take from that that if you push for it you can probably get second scan. Will let you know if I hear any more.
  • I work in Lothian but thankfully live with NHS Forth Valley and hence get a 20 week scan. However I have many friends in Lothian and one said she had been told the reason in Lothian is because it rarely changes the management of the pregnancy (I suspect it is a financial decision). However when I was scanned at 20 weeks they found a low-lying placenta (it is likely to move) but I already have a further scan booked for the end of Jan and hence the clinical management of my pregnancy has changed! I know that with a low-lying placenta there is a risk of bleeding from late in the second trimester onwards - can you imagine that starting and not knowing what the cause could be???

    Have a look on a website called NICE (http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/index.jsp?action=download&o=29153) it gives guidelines on antenatal care and includes the recommendation for a 20 week scan - it might be worth sending this on to your MSP. Clinical guidelines are developed to ensure equity of healthcare.
  • Hi EMcG - the impression I've had is that if the health professionals are concerned then you can get a second scan which isn't always much good to us!

    Incidentally, someone I know only discovered at the 2nd scan that she was having twins. Eeek!

    PNE - thanks for the link!
  • Hi EMcG (and anyone else in Edinburgh!) I've booked private scan at Healthcare now. ??150 for detailed anatomy scan and you can pay a bit extra for dvd of the scan. Babies in the womb was the same price - they did give me a bit of hard sell 'oh, lots of people using christmas gift vouchers so book now or you might miss out' kind of thing which I didn't like so much. Healthcare now seemed a bit more 'medical'. that said, on one of the other posts a while ago there were positive recommendations about babes in the womb. Haven't emailed msp yet, been a bit rubbish. Will do soon!
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