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Very early pregnancy symptoms

Hi - we are ttc baby no. 2. I just wondered what your very early pregnancy symptoms were (maybe before you tested). I'm trying so hard not to SS as AF not due till next week but I can't help myself. I can't remember how I felt with my son. I didn't do a test until I was 7 weeks pregnant as my cycle was all over the place at that time but I've gone back to being fairly regular again so I think everything will be a bit different this time anyway. Thanks!


  • your not forced to get any symptoms,i know i didnt,i got every symptom on my first pregnancy so was expecting to get the same symtpoms with my second pregnancy so i was shocked when i took the test and got my BFP and even more shocked when i found out i was having twins and still didnt have any symptoms,good luck

  • I got my first symptoms days after conception, they were things like severe insomnia (still being awake at 7am!!), nosebleeds (never had one in my life!) and shooting pains down my legs.
    Never had any sickness or anything though, in fact, as soon as I got my BFP all my symptoms disappeared!!

    Good luck

  • EmmaA - I am in the same boat as you at the moment. Although not ttc. I have finished my pill early due to possible pg (irregular cycles & a missed pill) and still no AF - I wouldnt be due on till next Thursday (end of pack) but my AFs are all over the place which is why I started this pill. Im not ganna test till next weekend. I have sore (.)(.) (could be side effect of pill) I am tired (have 3 small children) and nausious (could be congestion from my cold) so I am none the wiser & really feel stuck in limbo. Just want to know one way or the other. With my other 3 they were all 'surprises' so I wasnt symptom spotting although I do remember having sore (.)(.)

    Hope you get the result you want hun xxxx
  • Thanks for your replies. I've got sore (.) (.) and stomach cramps on and off. It's so hard to tell - it could be PMT or early pregnancy. Oh well I'm going to hold off testing until next weekend - counting down the days!
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