Bit Worried

I have had a little pink CM today. Not much but a couple of times when I wiped

I'm not in any pain or anything, but had a big bust up with H2B last night and got a bit upset. I wondered if that might have something to do with it

14+2 x


  • Oh honey ive no idea but having pink cm and spotting seems to be quite common on here so i wouldnt worry too much. Fri morning me and oh were bding and fri night i noticed some cm streked with bright red blood, i wiped a couple of times and happened again and again. The next time I went for a wee there was nothing there but I was worried all night but have had none since. If i hadnt seen so many people on here id have been straight up the hospital.

    I have no idea what could have caused yours, could be stress or just everything moving about as baby is moving upwards at the moment.

    Hope everything is ok with h2b, did you sort everything out? Its such a stressful time at the mo and hormones dont help

    Georgie 14+1
  • hope all is ok hun with your baby and your h2b. as said above spotting is common and it is bright red blood that you really need to worry about.
    take care. xxx
  • Try not to worry, K-Lou had this at the same time as you.

    I had actual blood last week too and all was fine, it was just the lining of my cervix.

    If you are really worrying though and want to put your mind at rest give the hospital a call.
  • I have this a few times and Kimmy and everything has been fine. I think its quite common xxx
  • hi huni ive had this aswell and everything woz ok it passed after a day then returned the following week and then went again.
    luv clare

  • Hi babe

    I did have this as well at just past 13 weeks I was told that this is very common around this time as the placenta takes over and this can cause bleeding.

    As long as you have no pain hun it's fine image

    K xx
    14 +3
  • Oh good, feeling better about it now. Yesterday had a bit of CM that seemed a bit darker than unsual, but that seems to be it (fingers crossed)

    H2B and I are okay now, I was just really peed off that he is always going out and i feel like I am just sitting around waiting for him!

    14+4 x
  • Hi flower, good to hear things sound like they're settling down a bit again. There seem to have been so many people with spotting at this stage, but that doesn't make it any less worrying, I know. Hope all continues to clear up for you now. x
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