Dont know if there is a topic on this already but hey..

You got a craving what is it or what was it?

Mines chocolate spread! image


  • Cant get enough of cheese, tomato and ham sarnies at the min! but has to be multigrain bread, proper ham and grated cheese! yum! Today though its quiche! oh and lots of orange juice and also banana milkshake....has to be nesquick!
    Oh and i had a angel delight phase....hense my forum name! lol x
  • Oh yeaa! Banana milkshake 2! Not drank that in years & now I've drank how many glasses! lol
  • I don't have cravings as such, but I do keep thinking of really random things that I have to eat and I have to eat NOW, and God help the person who prevents me getting my hands on it!

    I've generally just got really bad food rage - maybe it's something to do with blood sugar getting low, but if I need to eat, I'm in a foul mood until I get my hands on some food, and it's only in retrospect that I can see how unreasonable I'm being!
  • Fizzy drinks, cold apples and well just anything I see on the tv or someone mentions I got to have it!!! earlier on it was ice lollies, beetroot and coconut ring biscuits - I got my mum to post packets down from Manchester as I couldnt find any down here in London lol!!

  • Lol! I know that someone that had a strong craving for soap so she opened a pack & licked it! lol
  • I've been craving peanut brittle, marmite, mayonaise on chocolate and flaming hot monster munch!
  • mash potato and home made pea soup!


  • i havnt had any such cravings i dont think but i seem to really fancy a certain food i havnt had for along time..then go off it again before i have finished packet/jar etc such as lemoncurd, shredded wheat, peanut butter, rhubarb, skittles to name a few....

    can i just ask, how do you get those time lines at bottom of your entries???? xx
  • sushi, the veggie one, to be on the safe side, can't get enough of the stuff!
  • i could really murder a macdonalds quarter pounder with cheese right now......
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