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Ok ladies I am not worrying too much, but when people say about regular movement in bump, is that all day? I haven't felt baby move since last night....can this be quite normal? I dont know if I should feel regularly or should I wait?

Reason I am wondering is I had really bad period like pains in lower back and had a headache and nausea all day. I spoke to a midwife who said a virus is going round which she has seen lots of pregnant women with so have a bath, paracetemol and not to worry). I then had (TMI ALERT) a really dodgy stomach last night and i felt awful but hubby is ok. I have managed to tell myself I am not in early labour but any thoughts would be appreciated!
Baby never has been much of a wriggler but in the last 2 weeks I have felt quite a lot of kicks and movement. (31 weeks)

Thanks xx

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  • Have you had your ten movements?? Ring your local hospital, they will normally have you in to monitor you and baby for a little while. Should help you put your mind at rest xxo
  • I havent had any movement today but thats what i mean...... can i have the 10 all at once tonight and that will be fine? or should i feel periodically through day? I know I should ring hosptial but I have had that many false alarms I feel daft x
  • Hmmm you should probably feel them a few times during day but may go mental at one particular time. Try drinking ice cold drink then lying down - that usually gets them going. If still nothing then i would go hospital.

    Also my baby didnt slow down at all during labour. She was wriggling during contractions which is the oddest sensation.
  • hi bgb

    don't panic, but u need to phone the labour ward and get urself down there asap, u rally shld have been feeling the baby move at some point in the last 17+ hours. what ever u do, do not feel daft, it is their job to look after u, and i'm sure it is nothing to worry about and baby is just having a lazy day or in a discreet position but better to be safe than sorry. they say 10 movements a day, but they also say if u feel no movement what so ever in a 6 hour gap that u shld get checked over. have u done the things that normally get baby to have a wriggle? ie cold drink, bath, chocolate? if not then u cld quickly try these but either way please get ur self checked out and soon

    take care

  • I am having a freezing cold can of coke as I type..... move baby move!!!
  • my little guy did this to me a few times during pregnancy. I went to the hospital on two occasions to be monitored- everything was fine. My lo started to move as soon as i got to the hospital- typical!

    Its better to be safe than sorry though, and the hospital were great!

  • Hey!!

    The same happened to me and as soon as i was put on monitor, there was her heartbeat booming away. I felt as if i was wasting there time, but as everyone says- thats what they are there for!!
    Get urself checked woman to stop you worrying!!

    Sharon xx

  • hi
    saw this on the home page.....

    When i was preg with my 5th who has just turned one I had no movements. I has similar to you when I look back... I had back ache and some stabbing pains in my right side. I was sat on computer that evening and I suddenly thought...I have not felt baby move all day. I had a bath, drank cold drinks, hot drinks and ate choc....nothing. Stupidly I went to bed and woke about 11.30pm to serious pains. I then felt a whoosh....I thought ohh there goes my waters. I was 35 weeks. I stood up and felt another whoosh. When I put the light on there was blood everywhere. Now, i am not wanting to panic you. I had placenta previa and had been warned about the bleeding. As I said she was one the other day so it all worked out fine.

    HOWEVER,,, it all became an emergency and if I had listned to my inner common sense I would have got to the hosp at teatime and had a more relaxed section or maybe they would have stopped labour for another week or so.

    Please dont delay in getting checked out. i cant forigve myself and am having a hard time getting over the fact that I was so silly.

    Good luck and get checked out.

    d xxxx
  • They saw you should feel baby at least 10 times in a period of 24hours but not necessarily spread out in the day, the baby may kick 5 times in the morning and another 5 in the evening for instance. Just get checked on the safe side hun but dont worry he or she is probably having a good sleep and/or has less room to move now.

    19weeks today xx
  • oh hun im hopin u have gone to get checked its very important that u feel SOME movement during the day they dont say 10 movements now they say regular movements morning afternoon and evening and if u havnt felt since last night its VERY VERY important u go and get checked ASAP ....sorry if this sound ott but my sister didnt get checked and it was too late :cry: ...i always hate seeing posts like this as i panic when i think pregnant women feel awkward or a nuisence not trying to frighten u hun just want u to get checked now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx please update us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i have rang maternity assessment centre and explained what was advised yesterday and happenings since. She has told me I shouldn't have waited so long and i have to go to delivery suite to be monitored. I now have a pissed off hubby as he works nights and he has to take me down there and the midwifes think i am bloody stupid. I try not to worry and it doesnt help whatsoever!! Thanks for your replies ladies xx
  • Oh Ruth!!

    Text me and keep me updated, i am thinking of you!!
    Sure all is well and he is having a lazy day since it is the weekend! image

    Luv Ya x x
    Shaz xx

  • do hope evrything is ok- sure babys just having a good rest. but better to get checked over. keep us updated please.
  • Really hope all is ok, I'm sure it will be. I used to have days like that with Theo and he was fine. Tell your oh to lump it!
  • only just seen your post so im a little late. but as far as im aware you should be feeling 10 seperate movements through out the whole day, even if baby does kick 10 times in a row this is only counted as one of your ten movements (so ive been told). i hadn't felt my lo move much yesterday, only twice so i phoned my midwife who sent me to the local midwife led unit for monitoring, everything turned out to be ok except a bit of protein in my wee which they are re checking on mon, but they were really welcoming and were more than happy for us to be there even if it was just to put my mind at rest. she even wrote down their number and said if i needed reasurrance again just to call them directly instead of going through my midwife so i could go straight down.
    I hope everything is ok with you and please let us know how you get on image xx
  • Back home!!!
    I was on a monitor for quite a while and although i still didnt feel movement, they were happy with heartbeat and movment picked up on graph. Blood pressure was high initially but settled, and baby has moved to head down (had scan 2 weeks ago and was breech) and no longer back to back so lack of movement maybe to position change, however if I still dont feel anything tomorrow they want me to go to day unit to get checked on Monday and have my scan brought forward (was due 1/04). Measuring 36cm (I am 31 weeks). The staff were lovely and I am so glad everything ok!!

    Hubby has 1 hour of sleep before getting up for work bless him!
  • hey! so glad that everything is ok! hope everything goes well on monday too xx
  • phew!! im sooooo glad everything is ok hun please dont hesitate to go in if u are any more worried about ure lil bubs it really is so important ....thanks for updating xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • So glad all is well - thats what the mw's are there for xx
  • Phew thant goodness for that! Glad everything is ok. Thats good that baby has moved all by itself!
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