i feel so sick - normal??

hi ladies well im 7weeks today, going for an early scan on weds due to a little bit of brown discharge, so quite worried.
yest i felt sick all day but managed to eat a crumpet at breakfast, snacks throughout the day and then a meal in the evening, today all ive managed is a bit of toast, packet of crisps and 1/2bowl of cereal, i just feel soooo sick, im really worried that im not providing enough food for my baby.

also is this normal as i havent actually been sick???
thanks ladies xxx


  • Sickness is perfectly normal hon, don't worry. My sickness kicked in at exactly 7 1/2 weeks and was dreadful. I was sick on average 6 times each day for about 6 1/2 - 7 weeks and am only just coming out of it! Don't panic though as not everybody vomits, a lot of ladies just feel sick. I read somewhere that at very early stages of pregnancy the baby only needs the equivalent of 1 extra piece of toast per day so there's no need to 'eat for two' from day one. That info kept me going when I was at my worst - I just thought that if I kept at least 1 piece of toast down then the baby will get what it needs. How true it is, I don't know but at my scan baby was measuring exactly what it should have been so I stopped worrying. Once you're out of the sickness stage, that's when you can stock up on more vitamin and nutrient packed food - I seem to be liking cabbage at the mo!! image

    Hope that helps,

    Jen 15 + 3
  • Hi, I'm 8+6 and I can sympathise with the way you are feeling. I have been feeling very sick for the past week or so and some days I'm only eating something very small at lunch time as if I eat any more I feel so sick.
    I have felt this way on both my previous pregnancies ( not quite as bad though) and in all 3 I think I have been sick maybe 5/6 times

    Hope you start to feel better soon x
  • Feeling sick is a good sign as it's a symptom of being pregnant- although of little consolation when you feel sick 24/7! I've had severe nausea since about week 7 and now I'm 26 weeks and still suffering the constant nausea but have been told that baby is 100% fine so I think I'm just one of those who will have to suffer before I get my little one- so worth it in the end! image xx
  • I feel really sick a lot of the time too. I started antenatal yesterday and was advised that as long as I am keeping fluids down and eating what I can when I can I should be fine though they may look at me taking supplements if it goes on for months. I sympathise, it's vile to feel sick all the time. My husband is suffering too, he can't cook anything with a significant smell to it without me heaving.
  • hi hun, im 32+4 and unfortunatly still being sick (hopefully yours passes at 12weeks like most people). i have been worried about the baby's nutrition from the start as sickness started before i even got my bfp. mw has reassured me as long as i am keeping some foods down and fluids (which i am) she has said that baby will take what it needs and leave me with whats left.lol. Its even normal to loose a little weight in the first trimester hope it passes for you very soon and you start to feel better, in the mean time just do as your doing and eat when you can.xxxx
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