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names ?????

well i have a son called jake michael and i alwyas liked charlie james but i now like joshua james?? and dnt knw wats gunna sound better jake +charlie or jake + joshua???
wats ur opinions ladies??


  • I prefer Joshua James out of the two, but both are lovely and work well with Jake.

  • we have a jake and a josh so to me they sound better lol but both are nice names x
  • I would just say to bear in mind that when they are older and they start having their post delivered there are going to be mix ups with their post and letters if there are two J _______ in your house.

    My dad and my brother have the same name and it did use to cause a few probs at times.

    Just a thought - sorry to crash !
  • I agree with wine lover, my dad and i have the same initial and the amount of post which didnt have Mr or Miss on it meant our post kept getting mixed up.

    Saying that like them both but do you like the idea of them being called by there initals ie CJ or JJ as they both shorten easily if that makes sense

  • I think they are both nice names but personally perfere charlie xx
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