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stomach twinges - normal??


I am 5+1 and for the past few days have been having a few lower abdominal twinges, often on one side, but occasionally on the other. It's my first pregnancy so have no idea if this is normal or not. What do you think?



  • Hi

    Yes perfectly normal. I had these and panicked, but doc said it was just everything stretching and changing and not to worry.
    I had them approx 5 weeks-9 weeks and then it passed, it still comes now and again when things are drastically changing.
    Hope you feel better soon hun x
    Sharon x

  • I had this too. It started from about 5-6 weeks not sure how long it went on for cos the pains and twinges just change. Oh the joys of pregnancy!
  • thanks ladies, that's reassuring, i was just having a panicky moment and my mind went into overdrive!

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