My fake baby

Anyone watching it on c4 really strange there like real looking but not


  • im not watching it but its on lol its wierd
  • oh my god, cant believe she makes them herself, they look so real but dont grow up.....i want one of those next time!!!!
  • I'd really like to understand these women but sadly I am struggling...
  • It's interesting certainly! Not really sure why anyone would do that!
  • I can understand the lady selling them cause she probably makes a bomb but what a conversation stopper if your the lady who takes them out and you stop to admire and ask questions and shes like oh there not real you'd so be making a quick getaway cause you'd think she was missing something sorry if I offend anyone but thats my opinion I just dont understand why
  • the woman even had a bottle of milk for it and was pushing it round in an expensive pram!!!!
  • More money than sence she has just spent near on ??300 quid on a skirt and bottle holder for a doll
  • i don't get it!! And nor does my husband!!
    Mind you - i'm off to Harrods - I want one of those bottle holders...lolimage
  • my oh just asked if i would turn it over coz there all weird!!!!
    cant believe she spent that much in harrods on those dolls clothes!!! wonder how much the dolls cost???
    she is even off to america to buy one
  • I know Im due in 14 days and having to use my pram from my first lo gutted
  • you should find this woman and ask her for a pram!!!
  • I think some of them look a little scary too - not quite Chucky but certainly not like my gorgeous (real) baby!
  • i am watching it now and i think that the woman who takes her dolls out in the pushchair is a bit strange lol.
    some of the babys looked so real didnt they. lol

  • Would love to know exactly how much shes spent on them all
  • What a weird programme....I guess they might be a good idea if mother nature puts you in a position where you medically can't have a baby, but still as my oh says you could alway adopt. At least the baby would grow...
  • Crazy, especially the woman who pushed hers round in a I mean fair enough if it makes her happy but it does seem slightly bizarre. One womans husband said he didnt like it cos it looked like somethin u'd see in a morgue...not pleasant but I have to agree!
  • i thought they looked too real, it was a bit made me just want my baby NOW!! but i so dont understand why they go about with them in a pram, one woman said people talk to you if you have a pram, is that why she is doing it, for attention?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • I never watched this programme but it sounds like I should have. But I was asleep very early last night. About the prams though. If some woman had four its incredible. Must have loads of money. The prices on pushchairs and prams are so high.

    I don't get it either. Why a fake baby? I know some people do it to train themselves before they have the real thing. To see if they are ready for it. But seriously? I would have kept it at home.
  • What was with the grandma who wanted a baby to look like her grandson? I thought he died or something but at the end he was on a webcam, not dead!
    Wasn't my cup of tea! xxx
  • I missed the first part of it, why didnt or couldnt the lady who went to the states for a doll have a real baby? and what did her mother really think?

    I am sorry but I just couldnt understand them. I thought what the grandfather of "Harry" said regarding the plastic virsion said it all. I just couldnt. :roll:
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